Meet the Team

Janet - Goupie co-founder



Janet heads up the production here at Goupie HQ. It's thanks to her (and in part her mother) that we have all the delicious Goupie flavours today. Janet really is the brains behind Goupie. Every single one of our 18 flavours has been created by her. That's right, she's the genius behind flavours such as White Cardamom, Dark Lavender and our trio of festive flavours. She's also remarkably good at it, often nailing the recipe after just a few attempts - much to the despair of those of us who profit from her mistakes (i.e. eating the evidence!)



Grace owns and runs the business alongside Janet. Her primary roles are the sales, marketing and branding of the product, so you can thank her for those colourful bookmarks you receive with every order and the Goupie Playlists!

You'll find Grace at all our events, behind all social media accounts and managing this website!

Grace Goupie Food Talk Award
Karen - Goupie production assistant


Production Assistant

Karen has been with Goupie for almost 9 years, though she's been very nearby for a whole lot longer, as she owns the farm where our factory is based!

Karen loves cows and on her days off will be found on a tractor riding around the fruit orchards on which we sit..


Production Assistant

Claire's been with us for just over 9 years now, so is a professional Goupie maker! She loves tasting artisan gins and ciders in her spare time, and of course, her collie dog <3

Claire - Goupie production assistant
Joe - Goupie co-founder



Joe was the initial Goupie salesman when we started back in 2010. He's since taken a step back to focus on his other business, Diary of a Tile Addict, but still makes the time to do tasting sessions, deliveries and the occasional tea round!


Sales executive

Tony has recently joined us two days a week, after going part-time in his regular job, in order to help Goupie grow. He does already have a vested interest as he's also Grace's boyfriend! We've got him doing a bit of everything from production to sales, but you'll most likely find him at your local tasting session.

Tony Headshot