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Make Your Own Cotton PadsReduce Reuse RecycleMake Your Own Cotton Pads

If you're anything like us, you're constantly racking your brains for new ways to reuse 'waste'. Don't worry, we're happy to share what we've come up with with our Goupie Groupies! This time, a super easy way to reuse cotton fabric waste...

The History of DatesOur IngredientsThe History of Dates

From the Tree of the Gods to the Tree of Life, we explore the history of the humble date!

The History of ChocolateOur IngredientsThe History of Chocolate

Chocolate is a key ingredient in Goupie and so naturally, we've always been interested in it's history. We thought it was about time we shared a few choice bits with our groupies!

Top 3 Goupie-Drinks Pairings!Goupie Top Three...Top 3 Goupie-Drinks Pairings!

For years, we've been pairing our Goupie flavours with various drinks and collating them in our Brand Bible for a rainy day. Well, it's not raining, but we think it's about time we shared this valuable knowledge with our Groupies!

Make Your Own FacemaskMake Your Own Facemask

We're probably all sick of hearing about the virus-that-shall-not-be-named, but that doesn't make it any less of a reality. The government has provided details on how to make your own face-masks, and so we gave it a go! Here's how it went, along with a few hacks of our own to make it easier for you guys at home!

Make Your Own Veg BagsReduce Reuse RecycleMake Your Own Veg Bags

We may not be experts at sowing, but even we can manage these! Make your own veg bags out of old t-shirts to use at the supermarket and cut down on single-use plastics. It's so easy, even WE can do it!

Gardening Jobs For In The HouseReduce Reuse RecycleGardening Jobs For In The House

We're all stuck inside at the moment, but that doesn't mean that we can't be getting some bits done for our allotment/gardens! Here's a couple of things that co-owner Grace has been doing to pass the time inside...

Goupie's Factory WasteGoupie EthicsGoupie's Factory Waste

It's usually impossible to tell what companies are doing with their waste behind the scenes. You can check all you want for recyclable packaging, and environmentally friendly products. You can dispose of your waste in the best manner possible, and try to make all the right decisions. But ultimately, the end product is only half the story. We wanted to give you an insight into our factory and how we handle our own waste.

Exploring NorwichExploring...Exploring Norwich

It's hard for us to ignore the clear influx of sales that we receive from Norwich, considering we're a Kent-based confectioner. We thought it was high time we explored the lovely city which appears to have so many Goupie Groupies inhabiting it's boundaries!

The Chocolate House MenuThe Goupie StoryThe Chocolate House Menu

Okay, so we've been open for a few months now, and it's about time we shared a little more about our menu with you all!

Perfectly Plant-Based Festive Feasts ‘Out’n’About’Exploring...Perfectly Plant-Based Festive Feasts ‘Out’n’About’

December is nearly upon us - the season of goodwill and cheer (alongside a little partying!). Now we know that our fabulous Chocolate House is THE place to go to immerse yourself in chocolate heaven... but what about if you are looking for something a little more substantial or lunch on the go far beyond the realms of Tunbridge Wells? Behind the scenes development chefs across the country have been beavering away like Father Christmas’ elves in order to come up with some sensational seasonal menus with more vibrant vegan options than ever before. Here is a round-up of what is offer….

The Ultimate Halloween GuideThe Ultimate Halloween Guide

Halloween - the spookiest night of the year - is the perfect opportunity to bring friends and family together for a spooktacular party. There is no need to panic about finding plant-based options to tantalise the taste buds of your fellow trick or treaters as we have put together the ultimate guide to hosting a vegan Halloween party - from creepy canapés to devilish desserts. Below you will find a host of recipes ideas if you are a dab hand in the kitchen - as well as a selection of shop bought saviours if you are short on time.