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Exploring CanterburyExploring...Exploring Canterbury

Canterbury is a city with something for everyone: whether you are interested in shopping or sightseeing, walking or wildlife, the arts or architecture. It is the perfect place to head to this half-term - whether for a fun-filled day trip, long weekend or week’s worth of adventure. Here is a round-up of our favourite hotspots…

Make Your Own Spider & WebReduce Reuse RecycleMake Your Own Spider & Web

Have you been noticing more spider webs in the garden lately? That is because, during Autumn, spiders spend their time being out and about looking for a mate. So after marvelling at their glistening, symmetrical webs, we wanted to create our own! You can make this from things lying about the house and is a fantastic way to show children how fun recycling can be. Its dangly legs will make a brilliant Halloween decoration!

Exploring GranthamExploring...Exploring Grantham

Impressive Stately homes and castles dominate back roads, while splash parks and pubs bring people together across town. Peregrine falcons roost in the bell tower of St Wulfram's Church and rolling countryside paves way to beautiful views of woodland and farmland. Situated in the South Kesteven district of Lincolnshire, this town straddles the River Witham and connects trains from London to Edinburgh. It's perfect for a family adventure and full of exciting history.

British Food FortnightExploring...British Food Fortnight

A growing annual event, British Food Fortnight (21st September - 6th October) has secured its spot in the culinary calendar as the biggest national celebration of British food. Sophie Richmond has been looking into some of the best bits the fortnight has to offer...

Top 3 Packed Lunch Box PicksGoupie Top Three...Top 3 Packed Lunch Box Picks

When it comes to packed lunches, you’re either for them, or against them. The first week of school is looming and you’re probably feeling a bit fatigued on how to make them interesting? Don't stress. Here are 3 easy picks to pop into those boxes to keep hungry tummies satisfied from Emma Oldham.

Abel & ColeBrands We LoveAbel & Cole

This month's brandmance is focused on Able & Cole. From humble beginnings selling potatoes, Abel & Cole pride themselves on continuously exploring the countryside and discovering a variety of organic, seasonal and wild food that’s extra special...

The Ultimate Guide to a Vegan Afternoon TeaGoupie Top Three...The Ultimate Guide to a Vegan Afternoon Tea

There is nothing that quite compares to a proper afternoon tea, and what with Afternoon Tea week coming up, what better time to give you the run-down on the best vegan afternoon tea treats? Here's Sophie Richmond's guide to the ultimate vegan afternoon tea!

Transform Waste Into Nature ConnectednessReduce Reuse RecycleTransform Waste Into Nature Connectedness

Has anybody else been watching BBC’s Hugh War on Plastics? Anyone desperate to curb their plastic usage? Emma Oldham has some tricks up her sleeve that she's been generous enough to share with us!

Allplants - BrandmanceBrands We LoveAllplants - Brandmance

Sophie Richmond gushes on Goupie's behalf about the plant-based brothers and their quest to improve the vegan offering. What's more, there may be a little treat for those of you who make it to the end...

How To Home Compost!Reduce Reuse RecycleHow To Home Compost!

Home Composting: An Easy Way to Fight Climate Change & Food Waste by Emma Oldham

Exploring Borough MarketExploring...Exploring Borough Market

Sophie Richmond explores Borough Market, London's oldest, and arguably most famous, food market. Read more to discover her top picks!

Top 3 Vegan Picnic PicksGoupie Top Three...Top 3 Vegan Picnic Picks

To celebrate National Picnic Month, Sophie Richmond has cultivated her top three picks for a vegan picnic on our behalf. Go on, give it a read, we're positive it'll leave you desperate to pack your own hamper and head straight to the nearest park!