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Back in 2015 brothers JP and Alex embarked on a vegan diet in order to explore the effect on both their health and the environment. The decision served as an epiphany with the brothers becoming increasingly aware of a growing desire to nurture, protect and celebrate the environment. The dynamic duo realised that our attitude to food is fundamental to the future for both people and the planet. The pair relished discovering delicious - and nutritious - vegan foods. They soon became pioneers of the plant-based movement - filled with passion and purpose to build a healthier, more compassionate world by making plant-based living easy and exciting.

The brothers drew upon their experience in the food industry and set about developing a way to reach out to people across the country. A series of successful supper clubs revealed that the key to persuading the public of the benefits to plant-based living was to offer imaginative, convenient and - most importantly - delicious food. Thus allplants was born - with a mission to inspire the next billion ‘plant-powered’ people to find peace and purpose through their plates.

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The forward-thinking company - which is more like a ‘community’ - is a proud B-Corp and dedicated to searching for new ways to use food as a bridge between people and planet. Co-founder Alex commented:

As part of encouraging millions of people to fall in love with plant-based food, we’ve always aimed to make every delicious recipe our chefs create easily available to everyone, any time.’

allplants makes it easy to switch to a more sustainable diet with minimum effort and zero compromise. At present they offer over 20 flavoursome meals from a super scrummy menu; with the team of talented chefs constantly conjuring up new recipes to tantalise taste buds across the UK (the recently launched ‘Rainbow Falafel Mezze’ is like summer on a plate)!

The range succeeds in making plant-based foods accessible to all - offering a collection of comforting classics (think creamy ‘Cashew Mac’ and a sumptuous ‘Super Green Risotto’), seasonal specials (a gorgeous ‘Golden Sesame Satay’ and brilliant ‘BBQ Burrito Bowl’) and a whole host of mouth watering meals - including the ‘Great Taste Award 2018’ winning Smoky Soul Chilli.

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allplants is far more than a food delivery service as the team are committed to sharing their knowledge and reducing their wider impact on the environment. Not only are the 100% plant-based meals hand-prepared by chefs in the London kitchen; they are frozen straight away to lock in nutrients and prolong the shelf life in an effort to reduce waste in the allplant kitchen and your own (you can simply heat and eat whenever you need some plant-powered goodness). The bold, colourful packaging is fully recyclable, partly compostable and mostly reusable. The vibrant design is intended an extension of the allplants ethos; representing the creativity and complexity of flavour that is within.

allplants hopes to inspire customers and help them realise that a sustainable lifestyle - like their meals - is full of vivacity and colour… the idea that what we eat goes beyond our plates and into our perception of life. Switching to a plant-based diet is the most impactful way to reduce your environmental footprint, and with only ¼ of Brits getting their 5-a-day, allplants offers a new, super easy way to include more vegetables and enjoy good food - all whilst caring for our wonderful planet.


allplants don’t just make frozen meals - they use their website to share and inspire others to join their plant-based journey and spread their ‘super delicious’, ‘always nourishing’ and ‘ever plant-positive’ food ethos. The website is a treasure trove of information on all aspects of vegan living - aiming to educate and aid the transition to a plant-based lifestyle. It is full of recipes and videos (not just for their own meals but for a host of delicious delights - from a fruity berry granita to the most moorish chocolate cookies), alongside tips, inspiring stories and articles that tackle topics far beyond the dinner table.

For more information on this amazing company and to order your own boxes of plant-powered goodness, visit: with allplants kindly offering Goupie customers £10 off their first order with the code GOUPIE10!