Brand Close-Up on Garage Coffee

Unfortunately, Garage Coffee are no longer based in a garage, but that’s where it all started for Owner and Founder, Luke Underdown. Garage Coffee is based just outside of Canterbury in Kent, and that’s where Luke and his team roast their specialty grade coffee from the top 10% of farms in the world!

Garage Coffee roast coffee beans from all over the world. From Papua New Guinea to Costa Rica, all with different flavour notes; for example, the San Francisco from Nicaragua has hints of plum and butterscotch while the Amukui AA from Kenya tastes of jelly sweets and cherries. There’s a wide variety of single origin coffees to try, as well as their own house blend, Maypole, which blends the Café de Coatepac from Mexico and the La Joyeria from Colombia. Garage Coffee make sure to give you an experience to remember by roasting their coffee in small batches to maintain peak quality.

Despite being founded in 2015, Garage Coffee have grown rapidly, now moving into the centre of Canterbury as a part of Fruitworks Coworking, just off of Canterbury high street. They now have a coffee bar, where they showcase local producers (such as Debonair Tea) and local artists, and a training room to train those new to brewing coffee.

Garage Coffee began and is still based at Southview Camping in Hoath, Kent where Luke grew up. Initially, he had plans to convert a garage onsite to roast coffee within. However, it was a little too close to the campers! Instead, Luke decided to find a shipping container and convert that into what would now become the roastery and base of operations for Garage Coffee. Despite moving to bigger and better premises, the name still stuck!

Make sure to visit their website to browse their wide range of coffees (they also offer a subscription service if you love their coffee!), accessories (including various coffee makers, starter kits and filters), and distribute coffee grinders and espresso machines for trade distribution.

Next time, whenever you’re sauntering down the high street in Canterbury, make sure to stop by for an exotic hot drink at Garage Coffee and fully enjoy the flavour notes within the coffee of your choice. Personally, we would recommend either the Solwara AX from Papua New Guinea (with flavours of Chocolate, Walnut and Peanuts coming through) or the Amukui AA from Kenya (with notes of Jelly Sweets and Cherries); both make for a fantastic brew! (Especially with a chunk of Espresso Goupie on the side!).

For more information on Garage Coffee’s lovely range visit: