Children on the Edge: Giving kids back their Childhood

Earlier this year, we were asked by Make it Cheaper to donate some of our devilishly moreish Goupie treats to a raffle they were having to raise money for Children on the Edge. At Goupie, we’re always supportive of charities and the work that they do, so we happily obliged! And being enthusiastic about the charity sector, I delved into Children on the Edge to find out more about them and the fantastic work that they do!

Children on the Edge make a difference in thousands of children’s lives, children who are literally living on the edge of their societies all over the world. Children on the Edge works with children who are neglected, need parental care or are ignored by larger agencies and the media. They also work with local communities in order to help create a safe environment for children to grow in.

Children On The Edge

Children on the Edge was founded by Anita Roddick, who is best known as the founder of The Body Shop, but was also a human rights activist and environmental campaigner. The beginnings of Children on the Edge came about in 1990, where Anita took her Body Shop team and responded to the Romanian Orphanage Crisis. They grew from then on by working with institutionalized children in Albania and vulnerable children in Bosnia.

The work that Children on the Edge do completely focus on the rights of the children involved (guided by a UN treaty called The Convention for the Rights of the Child) to help children thrive, learn, grow and reach their full potential. Currently, Children on the Edge have projects in Bangladesh (Educating working children and Rohingya refugee children), Lebanon (Educating Syrian refugee children), Uganda (Transforming slum communities), Burma (Supporting dispatched children in Kachin State), and India (Educating ‘untouchable’ Dalit children).

Children On The Edge 2

Currently, Children on the Edge are providing essentials and building safe spaces for communities in Rohingya, Bangladesh as the violence in Rakhine State, Myanmar has forced over 400,000 people into Bangladesh with 200,000 vulnerable and displaced children along the border.

Despite being a small charity, Children on the Edge succeed in helping vulnerable children that aren’t aided by the larger charities and give them back their childhood to enjoy. As they say themselves, ‘A donation to Children on the Edge can help bring hope, life, colour and fun to forgotten children.’.

Should you wish to find out more about Children on the Edge and how you can donate to them click here: