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Exploring Borough MarketExploring...Exploring Borough Market

Sophie Richmond explores Borough Market, London's oldest, and arguably most famous, food market. Read more to discover her top picks!

Exploring Newark-on-TrentExploring...Exploring Newark-on-Trent

Newark has it all. The calm river Trent, mighty castle ruins, antiques galore, thriving independent coffee shops and a vibrant market - just to name a few. Here is why this little Nottinghamshire town should be ranked number 1 for your next trip out according to Emma Oldham.

Exploring CranbrookExploring...Exploring Cranbrook

Close to Goupie's Headquarters is Cranbrook, a quintessential Kentish town that's definitely worth a drive through!

Exploring SevenoaksExploring...Exploring Sevenoaks

Sevenoaks is known for its commutability, posh shops and expensive house prices. We're not going to tell you much different, but here are our very own top picks of the majestic place, that is Sevenoaks!

Exploring TenterdenExploring...Exploring Tenterden

One of our favourite towns in Kent, Goupie explores all that Tenterden has to offer!

Exploring DealExploring...Exploring Deal

We're travelling along the coast from Hastings to Deal and exploring all the fabulous bits and bobs it has to offer...

Exploring Old Town HastingsExploring...Exploring Old Town Hastings

Getting to know some of East Sussex's coast! The Hastings Old Town in an exuberant mix of pubs, antique shops and boutique stores. Perfect for a weekend browse!

Exploring Tunbridge WellsExploring...Exploring Tunbridge Wells

A little trip into Tunbridge Wells, a lovely Kentish town bursting with history and class!

Exploring GoudhurstExploring...Exploring Goudhurst

In this series of posts, we're going to be delving into some glorious places, mostly local to ourselves, but also further afield! We thought the only place we could really start, was Goudhurst, the motherland of Goupie HQ!