Exploring Deal

Deal is a classic coastal town set between Dover and Margate. Travelling into Deal is like travelling back in time with beautifully preserved Georgian houses and an immaculate coast line. It’s seeped in history and so visitors to the town have a host of locations to visit including Deal Castle, Royal Marine Barracks and its newly renovated pier.

Deal Castle

Much like any good Kentish town, Deal boasts a local market every Saturday just off the main high street. This is open from 08:00 until 15:00 and offers a range of Kentish produce as well as a selection of bric a brac and furniture. Sporadic speciality events are also held along the coastal walkway. Goupie has attended these in the past and, despite the sea winds, found them to be in an exceptionally pleasant location. Who wouldn’t enjoy a weekend walking by the beach and trying local products?!

The beach at Deal is breathtaking. Its pebbled shore is pristine and leads nicely from Deal castle, past quirky shops and cafes and onto beach-side restaurants. Frankly, even without these distractions you could easily pass the day just sat on the beach watching the sailing boats and beautiful water!

Deal Beach

Pubs also feature highly within Deal, we’re sure all readers will be delighted to hear! In fact, generally visitors need not be concerned about finding somewhere to eat or drink in the area. There’s an abundance of pubs, restaurants, cafes and delicatessens; almost all of these independently owned.

If you’re looking for a bit more culture in your trip, you can visit the Linden Hall Studio, just off the high street. It’s full of contemporary art and exhibitions. Currently, they’re displaying Black and White, but exhibitions change on almost a monthly basis, so it’s always worth having a look in!


All in all, Deal is just a lovely place to waste a day. There’s no need to fill your schedule with a raft of activities, it’s just nice to be there and soak up that quiet seaside charm!

Do get in touch if there’s somewhere you think we should be exploring!