Exploring Newark-on-Trent

Well connected

You will not struggle to get here. This little town knows how to connect with the rest of the country. Home to two rail lines, you can arrive direct from London, or as far north as Edinburgh and everywhere in between. If you step off the platform at Newark Castle make sure you start your visit with a slice of cake and refreshment from Carriages Cafe. A quirky pit-stop for commuters, this gorgeous Victorian cafe has become a strong favourite for coffee dates. You can enjoy their friendly service, munch on great food while taking in their exciting artwork.

Carriages Cafe

The hub of upcycling

Newark is a caring place. It doesn’t believe in ‘single-use’ nor supports the ‘throwaway society’. The diversity of antique, charity, vintage and upcycled furniture shops, adds up to more than your fingers and toes. Newark pulls no punches when it comes to recycling. Have a rummage for new treasures among Newark’s two-story
Antiques centre
, or pick yourself up a gorgeous vintage shirt from the Vintage Vixen. The wealth of charity shops are great for picking up children’s toys and pre-loved books and trinkets too.

Newark On Trent Lincolnshire

Full of history

Step into the castle where King John died after a feast here on the night of 18 October 1216. It hosts the largest gateway of any castle in England and the sunset here boasts romance and adventure. Today, it’s free admission paves way to glorious gardens and stunning views over the river Trent. Many exciting events take place among the castle’s ruins from the Civil War’s famous ‘Pikes and Plunders’ to Book Festivals and Dungeon tours. You may even be fortunate enough to meet a blushing bride, as the castle is a hotspot for wedding ceremonies.

Newark is famous for its involvement in the Civil War (it was held for the king during the Civil War). Because it controlled one of the main north/south routes. the castle was of immense strategic importance and Parliament besieged it on 3 occasions. You can delve into this history over at Newark’s Civil War Museum, which is a short walk from both stations.

Newark Castle

Coffee anyone?

Diners are spoilt for choice here. The market square and surrounding streets host all things independent. Book yourself afternoon at Teacups and Tea pots, graze through Greek tapas at The Green Olive, cosy down in the Secret Garden Cafe, or treat your kids to pancakes over chalkboard tables at Mama White’s Pancake house!

Teacups and Teapots

Wildlife & Greenspaces

A stroll along the River Trent is always a delight. Canal boats gently chug alongside cormorants drying out their wings and the flash of blue hunting kingfishers. Bats circle the air while perch, roach and bream can be spotted from Newark’s bridges. For those that are staying for the full day, you’ll enjoy the 10-minute walk outside of the town to Sconce and Devon Park. The perfect family venture, there’s an impressive play-park and cafe, pockets of woodland, streams and fields for dogs to burn off energy.

The piece was created by Emma Oldham on behalf of Goupie.