Exploring Norwich

The obvious place for us to start our Norwich journey, is the retailers who we stock in the local area. Tea Junction, Jarrolds and Little Shop of Vegans have all been customers of ours for some time now. What really hits you, is the individually and personality of these outlets. Something which seems to be somewhat of a theme within Norwich!

We would go through and explain what each store stocks, but their names are all fairly self-explanatory: Tea Junction specialises in tea and stocks some complimentary products alongside, Jarrolds is a clever (maybe clever is pushing it..) play on Harrolds and therefore stocks your standard department store fair, and Little Shop of Vegans stocks..well all things vegan!

Little Shop of Vegans

A trip to Norwich wouldn't be complete without a trip to the market and cathedral. Both of these things are probably at the top of you 'what do I know about Norwich' lists, alongside the University of East Anglea. And for good reason! These two hotspots provide the atmosphere keeping the heart of Norwich alive. It's no surprise therefore, that you'll find a whole host of other goodies nearby including Tofurei and the Tipsy Vegan!

Norwich Market

If you're really looking for good food, that the Iron House is where you need to go. It's got a small menu, but it's inexpensive and everything is well done. They've got plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, you only need to ask!

The Iron House

If you're looking for some entertainment in your visit, and you've finished checking out the little independents around the market square, a walk further a field could be in order. Although the castle itself isn't the most awe-inspiring in the UK, it's probably still worth the walk if you plan your trip right, and it'll tick another site off your list! Elm Hill, the Wensum River Walk and Pulls Ferry are all lovely Instagramable sites. As is Stranger's Hall, a14th century house boasting great halls and grand bed chambers. Finally, complete your walk with a visit Plantation Garden Afterall, it's always good to get a little culture in!

Norwich 2

a walk to Elm Hill, down the river bank, to Stranger's Hall. A 14th century house boasting great halls and grand bed chambers. Finally, complete your walk with a visit Plantation GardenAfterall, it's always good to get a little culture in!

If you're looking to go to something a little more up-beat, Norwich has a great lazer-tag, called Labyrinth, which will get those heart rates elevated! It's also home to Bewilderwood, a treetop adventure park. Great fun for the whole family (if you enjoy zip-lining and running around woods), children can dress up and run riot!


All-in-all, it's fair to say that Norwich is a delight to look at. It's bursting with individuality and history which really sites along nicely the tourists and university students. We'd recommend a visit undoubtably!