Fancy a Strong Kentish Tipple? – Featured Retailer March 2018

We do love our retailers and Biddenden Vineyards is a gorgeous setting for our Goupie boxes to call home! We’ve had many a visit to the village of Biddenden that have been topped off by a taste of their Strong Kentish Cider, so we thought that we would tell you a little more about them!

Biddenden Vineyards was born in 1969 when Mrs. Barnes was inspired to plant one third of an acre of vines in their 40 acre apple orchard. Now the vineyards have grown to 23 acres just outside of Biddenden, growing 11 different grape varieties! From this vineyard, they produce several different award-winning wines as well as ciders and juices. Now they make approximately 80,000 bottles per year, all carried out by hand!


Having been based in the Kent countryside and being lovers of local food and drink, we couldn’t miss the products that Biddenden Vineyards produce! From lovely wines to the gorgeous Red Love Apple Juice, they’ve got something for the whole family!

If you do love a little tipple, do take a look at the range of Biddenden Cider’s on offer as they are some of our favourite ciders to taste coming in dry, medium or sweet! They’re crafted using the Barnes’ family recipe, perfected over 40 years, and then carefully selecting the best culinary and dessert apples that are ideal for the job!

On top of that, the Vineyards are very open to visitors, providing charity tours, and offer admission and tastings for absolutely nothing! Biddenden Vineyards are also host to many local events throughout the year too, including Food and Drink Days where you can taste all of the best Produced in Kent products!

Biddenden 2

So make sure to check out Biddenden Vineyards at their websiteTwitterFacebook and Instagram! And if you fancy a day out, why not take a trip to the countryside and taste some wines and ciders while you’re at it!