Goupie’s Feeling Fruity

Here at Goupie HQ (aka The Goupie Factory, aka Oompa Looma Central) we’ve been racking our brains trying to think what else our wonderful Goupie Groupies might be interested in. Something we spend all day thinking about, have an inside track on and are quite frankly, probably too obsessed with. And then it hit us. Food and drink. That’s our forte. So in this series of posts, we’re going to share with you some of the brands that we love, in the hopes that you’ll love them too (you clearly have good taste after all)! Here is the first, in what we hope to be a never-ending list, of fellow UK producers we’ve crossed paths with, and think have a little bit of the Goupie spirit in them.

First up, Wobblegate. Wobblegate are based on a farm in the South East of England, much like Goupie (they may not quite be in the Garden of England, but love thy neighbour and all..). Location aside, their main business is pressing unequivocally fruity juices. A perfect company to kick off the summer with!

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The first question that everyone always asks us is: where does the name Goupie come from? So it seems like a good place to start with Wobblegate. Apparently, the name is all down to some poor maintenance in one of the orchards. To enter this orchard, one had to pass through a wobbly gate, and thus it was named ‘Wobblegate Orchard’. It’s only natural that this name was then adopted for their juices. We like this story..it makes us think that maybe we should come up with a better one for our own name..

Much like Goupie, Wobblegate juices are pressed, bottled, labeled, boxed and delivered by the company itself – something that is increasingly rare in the food industry. This gives them a badge of honour in our books! And that’s not the only in-house success. Their website is completely designed and managed by Pete, and we think it looks great (the only reason we know who manages it is because we asked for the name of their web designer, that’s how great it looks). Have a look for yourself, and tell us you don’t wanna be in their team!

That brings us to the real reason we love Wobblegate. They are pink crazy. Pink labels, pink boxes, pink ping-pong table, pink website, pink shirts, the list is almost endless. The only disappointment is that they no longer have their pink van, though we’re assured it’s coming back (aptly named the Wobble Wagon). Make sure you follow their Instagram if you want a consistent dose of pink on your home page!

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All of the fun stuff aside, they’re clearly doing the most important thing right too: taste. Wobblegate have won multiple awards for their juices including Sussex Drink Producer of the Year, Great Taste Awards and Quality Food Awards. They’re also listed with some prestigious names such as the Co-op, British Airways and Historic Royal Places (oo la la)..but we think that their smaller retailers are the more exciting ones! Many of our own customers including Rushfield’s Farm Shop and Bolney Wine Estate appear on their growing list of stockists so you know they must be good!

So there you have it. A small insight into why we love this Sussex based, family company. Basically, because we like to think that if Goupie was a fruit juice, it’d be bright pink with a silly name.