It’s Gin O’Chock!

Something which we’ve always enjoyed about Goupie is watching our small stockists thrive. This is something which we’ve especially enjoyed with Gin O’Chock!

We first got to know Ann at the Goupie Chocolate House when she hosted a children’s storytelling workshop as part of the Tunbridge Wells Fringe Festival. Following on from this, Ann hosted regular events at the cafe, until its closure in Jan 2022.

This is when she came to us with an idea. Ann was a huge fan of our products, and had also been in discussions with a local gin producer, Cantium. She had an idea to start an online gin and chocolate business, and with that, Gin O’Chock was born!

Ann has a great deal of experience selling to the public, as an Independent Usborne Partner and has managed to curate an amazing network of contacts through her events. We thought it sounded like a great idea, who doesn’t love gin and chocolate?!

What we didn’t imagine, was just how much Ann would be able to sell in her first year. During the Christmas period of 2022, she became one of our most regular customers, even overtaking Liberty’s on sales for a short period! It just goes to show how hard work can pay off, and it was truly amazing to watch.

Ann has now officially launched her website where you can find a range of gift boxes and goodies to choose from! It’s the perfect gift for a loved one and we highly recommend you send some love her way on social media! It’s a pleasure to work with Ann and we can’t wait to watch her business flourish in its second year.