London Marathon Pt. 2

She did it! And impressively in just over 4 and a half hours!

If you were following our Instagram Story on the Sunday, you'll have seen her high spirits at both mile 3 and 18 - almost looking like she wasn't breaking a sweat!

Lm 3

This is what Jaide had to say:

Completing the marathon was one of the best things I've ever done. We raised just under £2,500 for the Mental Health Foundation which is just amazing (and the donation page is doesn't close until the end of May ;)). 
Despite the fact it was the hottest London marathon ever, I enjoyed every minute of it and it definitely will not be my last. All the training paid off and I didn't hit the notorious 'wall', although did have to adjust my race day plan for the heat and subsequently finished a bit later than I'd originally hoped and trained for.

Lm 4

The atmosphere was unbelievable, I had never been to spectate in the past so could only go by what people had told me. I can confirm that the crowds really do carry you through, particularly during those last 10 miles. Seeing friends and family at various points of the race was incredible and quite emotional, their support was invaluable and without doubt my favourite part of the entire thing. And finally, passing that finish line, receiving my medal and having that first sip of a cold beer are all moments I will never forget. I would encourage anyone considering running the marathon to do it, if I can you certainly can!!"

Lm 5

You can still donate to Jaide's cause here until the end of May, and we hope you all do!