Make Boring Food Brilliant!

‘Make boring food brilliant’ is the motto of The Chilli Jam Man and it definitely summarizes the wide range of chilli jams and other chilli related products that Simon (AKA The Chilli Jam Man) produces!

Simon started making chilli jams to spice his food up a little when he couldn’t find anything else good enough! In 2009, he turned up to his first market with his chilli jams and sold out by lunchtime! He now runs a small team and makes everything in house only using the best ingredients!

The Chilli Jam Man’s range has garnered many awards including 10 Great Taste Awards and Best Spicy Snack in the National Chilli Awards 2017 for his ‘Squealers’ spicy pork scratchings! Well deserving of these awards, The Chilli Jam Man continues to go to food festivals and markets selling the gorgeously (and dangerously) spicy wares that he and his team produce.

As a personal lover of vicious chilli products, I adore the absolute hottest of The Chilli Jam Man’s lineup, especially ‘The Reaper’ Ultra Chilli Jam! Having met the man himself at my first food event, it was incredible to taste the variety of flavours and be utterly wowed by the heat and tastiness it provided! But there are chilli jams for everyone, not just the chilli masochists among you! From mild to hot, there’s a chilli jam available to liven up any dish for anyone!

Chilli Jam Man

Check out The Chilli Jam Man’s website now by clicking here and take a look at the fantastic range on offer (including some great gift bombs!) and make your boring food brilliant!