Make Your Own Facemask

1. Cut two 25x25cm squares out of your fabric. We used an old trouser leg, but this would work with t-shirts, vests, sheets, basically any fabric you have hanging around! Although we would recommend avoiding denim as it’s not that comfy. If you do use it, we recommend just cutting one square so it’s not too thick.

Goupie Tip: We used two sheets of A4 paper, measured to 25cm to create our pattern. It’s surprisingly hard to cut 25cm without a pattern pinned to the fabric! We also would recommend ironing the fabric to avoid wonky lines…

Hack 1

2. Put the two squares of fabric together, with the ‘outside’ of the fabric facing outwards.

3. Fold 1cm from the top (holding both pieces of fabric together), and 1cm from the bottom, and pin in place before sewing across 0.5cm down from the fold (there will be essentially 4 layers of fabric where you’re sewing). This will form two ‘neat edges’. You can use a sewing machine or hand sow for this.

Goupie Tip: It may also help to iron the folds before sewing to make it easier to hold in place.

Face Mask Back

4. Fold the two remaining sides (left and right) 2.5cm in each way. Again, pin this in place/iron across the edge. Sew 2cm away from the folded edge. This will form your string holes.

Goupie Top: Trim the fabric under the sewn edge to neaten up any uneven cuts. This won’t effect the usability of the facemask, but will look neater and avoid any itchy excess fabric on your nose!

5. You should now have a rectangular piece of fabric, and on the left and right sides, two holes big enough to thread a piece of string through. Cut either 20cm of elastic (this will fasten the mask around your ears), or 50cm of non-elastic string (this will fasten around your head).

Goupie Tip: We had an old bikini lying around and so used the string of that to go around our ears. It’s also possible to use a long strip of fabric, ribbon or rope to make the ties around the back of the head.

Hack 2

6. If you’re using elastic, thread each of the 20cm strips through the left and right holds in your mask and sew the ends together.

Goupie Tip: We used a knitting needle to push our strips through, a BBQ skewer would also work! When you’ve sewn the ends together, pull the band through the hole to hide your sewn join.

7. If you’re using long string, leave this hanging so that you can tie the ends around your head.

Goupie Tip: Throw a couple of stitches into the middle of the hole, through the string, to keep it in place and stop the risk that the straps will fall out.

Facemask 2

As we’ve mentioned, this guide is based on the government approved suggestion. We’ve just embellished it a bit to make it easier for you at home!

Do get in touch if you have any other suggestions, and share your home creations with us on social media.