Make Your Own Spider & Web

What you need:

● Large Goupie Box

● Ribbon/ String/ Twine

● Scissors

● Glue

● Black felt tip / market pen

    Web step2

    What to do:

    The Web

    Step 1: Open out your Goupie box flat. Cut out the biggest trapezoid (see image).

    Step 2: Cut down a line from one of the trapezoid’s corners, stopping about 5cms from the centre. Repeat this opposite. Now, slice a line from another trapezoid’s corner and again, opposite. You need to continue doing this until you have 8 slices/sections in total.

    Step 3: Glue or tape the end of your string or ribbon to the back of the box. Now, wrap the ribbon around the front of one of the sections.

    Web step4

    Step 4: Weave your string around the back of the next section. Continue to weave your string in front and behind of each section until you get back to where you started. Don’t let the string/ribbon get slack otherwise your web may flop.

    Step 5: Build up your next section. Double wrap the last section you were working on and weave around each section in the opposite direction.

    Step 6: Repeat step 5 until all layers of your web are complete. Tie off, or tape down the end of your ribbon/string on to the back.

    Spider Step3

    The Spider

    Step 1: Using the largest leftover sides/tabs of the box cut yourself out 8 thin strips. These will be the spider’s legs.

    Step 2: Crinkle them up by folding them into little zig zags.

    Step 3: Cut off one of the smaller leftover sides of the box. Draw yourself a circle for the spider’s body and add some eyes. Cut out your circle.

    Step 4: Glue on 4 legs to each side of the back of the spider’s body.

    Altogether Step3

    Putting it all together

    Step 1: Cut yourself another piece of string/ribbon approx 10cm long.

    Step 2: Tie or tape one of the string’s ends onto the back of your spiderweb.

    Step 3: Glue or tape the spide to the end of the dangling string. If you want to, you can trim the spider’s legs to fit onto your web better.

    Step 4: Trim the edges of your spider web. Ta, Da! You’re all done. What fantastic dangly decoration you’ve made! The spider should have enough ribbon to either dangle from the web or sit, patiently waiting for its dinner.