Make Your Own Valentine’s Chocolate Box

Come on, let’s admit it, – the best thing about Valentines is having a guilt-free day to munch on luxurious chocolate. Goupie chocolates will of course, be my go-to this Valentines. Not only for the hubby but for myself. We’re rather addicted!

As for my toddler, like most, she’s massively into role play and stretching her imagination. Each week she swaps between professions, from a baker to a post-office manager to a coffee barista! For Valentine’s, she wants to be a chocolatier!

So we’ve had a blast recycling and transforming Goupie chocolate boxes into cafe sessions and fine dining! Making our role-play boxes was super simple and only involved only a handful of materials. It also created a great opportunity for interactive learning on identifying shapes and encouraging hand-eye co-ordination with the stencils.

Step 1

What you need:

x2 Recycled Goupie Boxes


Paper (we used leftover paper from a previous Goupie order)

Stencils (optional, depending on your drawing skills)


Decorations for your box (we used paper ribbon)

Step 2 A

What to do:

Step 1: Once you’ve mustered up your materials, unpick and flatten one of your empty Goupie boxes.

Step 2: Using stencils, have fun picking out the different shapes you want your chocolates to be. Hold the stencil in place, and help your toddler fill in the shapes. Depending on their age, encourage them to design their own shapes!

Step 3: Help your little one cut out the different shapes – these are your role play chocolates. Completely biodegradable and calorie-free!

Step 3 A

Step 4: Recycle leftover paper to decorate the bottom of your box. Fill up your box with the different shapes you’ve created.

Step 5: Once your box is full, have fun decorating it! My daughter found some left-over paper ribbon from Christmas and used this to wrap around her box.

Step 6: Enjoy! My little one loved serving me my chocolate box in her shop! We spent many hours unravelling the ribbon, choosing out some ‘shapes’ to purchase, weighing them and wrapping them up again!

Happy Valentines everyone!

Step 4 B

This post was created for Goupie by Emma Oldham. Thanks Emma, we’ve loved getting a little insight into you and your daughter’s creative play time!

Step 5