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Meet: Cherry & Almond
Getting To Know Our Flavours

Meet: Cherry & Almond

What to say about Cherry & Almond?

You know the type; with that head-turning, vivacious, energy. She will undoubtedly catch not only your eye, but everyone else in the room’s as well. Who can say whether it’s those killer heels, or that signature red dress, you can’t deny her irresistible charm.

This is a character who loves the limelight. You would never find her shying away on the corner of the dance floor. Slap bang in the middle, with a dozen suiters battling for her attention, that’s where Cherry & Almond feels most at home.

Behind that perfectly painted exterior, there’s a devilishness side within. It’s all she can do to contain her delight when a gentleman caller surprises her with something extra special (and extra expensive). Now we ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger..

A Box of Cherry and Almond Goupie

Even the wildest party-animals out there need a respite every now and again. When this devilish little minx isn’t catching the attention of every man in town; she unwinds, celebrating her latest conquest with a large glass of red wine in front of her magnificent fireplace and flipping through the latest fashion magazine.

Like her favorite Merlot, she will only get better with age. Her magnetic charisma can’t be taught, she is simply one of a kind!

That’s why we love the Cherry and Almond could you not?