Meet: Cherry & Almond

Where Does Cherry & Almond Goupie Come From?

Cherry & Almond was originally created as one of our two gluten-free flavours. Benefiting from the natural ingredients of cherries and almonds, we found we didn’t need to use biscuit crumb to make our treat keep that devilishly moreish texture we all know and love. Since then, we have of course managed to make all of our flavours gluten-free, but Cherry & Almond is the OG!

What’s in Cherry & Almond Goupie?

Our signature cocoa-rich syrup base is filled with toasted rice, flaked almonds and glacé cherries. This sticky concoction is then smothered in our 55% chocolate and topped with an additional piece of flaked almond for good measure!

Vegan Chocolate Cherry & Almond

What’s The Best Accompaniment For Cherry & Almond Goupie?

What better way to end an evening than with a glass of red wine and a piece (or two!) of Cherry & Almond Goupie?

Cherry & Almond Goupie Baking Suggestions:

Cherry & Almond Cookies

Cherry & Almond Gluten-Free Cookies

Cherry & Almond Goupie’s Character

You know the type; with that head-turning, vivacious, energy. They will undoubtedly catch not only your eye, but everyone else in the room’s as well. Who can say whether it’s those killer heels, or that signature red dress, you can’t deny that irresistible charm.

This is a character who loves the limelight. You’ll never find them shying away in the corner of the dance floor. Slap bang in the middle, with a dozen suiters battling for their attention, that’s where this character feels most at home.

Even the wildest party-animals out there need a respite every now and again. When this devilish little minx isn’t catching the attention of every person in town; they’re unwinding, celebrating their latest conquest with a large glass of red wine in front of a magnificent fireplace and flipping through the latest fashion magazine.

Like their favourite Merlot, they will only get better with age. That magnetic charisma isn’t something that can be taught, it’s something you’re born with!

Cherry & Almond Goupie