Meet: Chilli Goupie

This energetic Goupie evolution is not one not to be messed with. Branching out from the crowd, this flavour is hard to forget – once you’ve had a taste, you’ll will understand why!

Bouncing of the walls, Mumma Goupie certainly forgot to create an off switch along with this character. Whether climbing trees, playing sport or creating mischief, he is always on the go. If somebody says jump, he will ask how high? If somebody says swim, he will say how far? Constantly pushing everyone’s boundaries along the way, he is liable to cause unintentional damage from time to time.

Often understated as ‘the loose cannon’, Chilli Goupie is not short on confidence and will always back himself. A fiery, inquisitive, nature accompanied with a bold personality is often a little too much for the more passive amongst us to handle. That being said, this Goupie is just a bit different and is consistently searching for new adventures – who can knock that?

Whether you are in search of a lift, or simply some company in the times when you are feeling extra spicy, Chilli Goupie will certainly take you on a lively journey. Perfect for those times when you’re looking for an little fiery kick.

If you are a curious character, who is attracted to the unusual, then Chilli Goupie is certainly for you!