Meet: Chilli Goupie

Where Does Chilli Goupie Come From?

This is one of the four original flavours alongside Hazelnut, Orange, and Mint – not counting Original itself. Chilli may seem like the outlier in this mix, but the combination of chilli and chocolate is a well-documented winning combination and a family favourite! The original Chilli Goupie actually used chilli's grown by the Simpson's themselves, although this sadly had the change once the flavour became more popular!


What's In Chilli Goupie?

Chilli Goupie consists of the signature cocoa-rich syrup base, filled with toasted rice, biscuit crumb and Cayenne chilli. The base is then coated in our 55% Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with an extra measure of chilli for good luck. This flavour provides just enough heat to make you smile, without blowing your head off!

Vegan Chilli Chocolate Goupie Pieces

What's the Best Accompaniment for Chilli Goupie?

Chilli Goupie goes excellently with any beer, but we recommend one with a little added tequila and a lime on the side to perfectly match the heat.

Chilli Goupie Baking Suggestions

Chocolate Samosas

Chilli Rawnies

Chilli Chocolate & Walnut Tart

Chilli Chocolate Rawnie Recipe

Chilli Goupie's Character

This energetic character is hard to forget. Whether climbing trees, playing sport or travelling the world, they are always on the go. If somebody says jump, they'll ask how high? If somebody says swim, they'll say how far? Constantly pushing everyone’s boundaries along the way, and with no off-switch, they are liable to cause unintentional damage from time to time.

Often understated as 'the loose cannon', Chilli is not short on confidence and will always back themselves. A bold, inquisitive, nature accompanied with this extraverted personality makes them the ultimate adrenaline-junkie and jet-setting explorer.

This character is the go-to person when searching for an adventure or to push yourself out of your comfort zone!

Chilli Goupie Character