Meet: Date & Walnut Goupie

Where Does Date & Walnut Goupie Come From?

Date & Walnut Goupie was originally born from the desire to produce a gluten-free version of Goupie. Of course, since then, we've developed all of our recipes to be gluten-free. We no longer even have gluten in our factory! All of this, you can probably thank Date & Walnut Goupie for, as a pioneer in the Goupie space for gluten-free.

 We started with dates, as we felt that they were a natural option to add sweetness and experiment with reducing our sugar (again, we've now completely stopped adding sugar to our recipes). They would be able to replace the bulk that the biscuit could provide, and allow us to replace our (originally, gluten-based) biscuit. Walnuts naturally followed as a classic flavour pairing with dates, whilst also adding some crunch back in. After the first batch was trialled, we were sold!

What’s in Date & Walnut Goupie?

Date & Walnut Goupie consists of our signature cocoa-syrup base, filled with toasted rice, sticky dates and creamy walnut halves. We then completely cover our pieces in a 55% Belgian chocolate and top each piece with a good chunk of walnut.

Date & Walnut Goupie

What’s The Best Accompaniment For Date & Walnut Goupie?

We've tried a few different drinks with Date & Walnut Goupie, and it goes well with a fair few of them due to the rich sweetness in the dates. However, the BEST accompaniment which we've found is by far, red port.

Date & Walnut Goupie Baking Suggestions:

Date & Walnut Energy Balls

Date & Walnut Energy Balls

Date & Walnut Goupie's Character

Date & Walnut is a sophisticated type. The type who can host a classy dinner party with complete ease. The kind of person who seems completely unflappable, and definitely the person who you'd like by your side in a crisis. They're that person with intimate knowledge of a wide variety of subjects, who can offer their opinion with confidence, but not obnoxiously.

This is probably the go-to person to seek advice from, but probably not the person who's going to be the first on your wild night invites. Their place is filled with rows of books and interesting knick-knacks whilst they remain semi-permanently serious, possibly missing the odd joke!

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Date & Walnut Goupie Character