Meet: Espresso Goupie

You’ll only likely to have come across this character before if like Espresso himself you’re an early riser. However, everyone is aware he exists, but not everybody comes across him that often…

Beating the sun every morning, his day is always battling against the clock right from the get-go! His constant hurrying is meticulously planned, and everything he does is specifically scheduled to the minute. We’re sure that his genetics are made up of coffee beans because he doesn’t seem to have an off switch. Always on the go, his 8.45 daily dash into the nearest coffee shop is where the day really starts for him. He’s a rare sight past 9 am, because that is usually the time he goes into hibernation and becomes a slave to the computer.

Entering his executive office situated in one of the tallest buildings in the city accompanied by his briefcase which rarely leaves his side, his day consists of really fast typing and important meetings about things we cannot even begin to comprehend.

His faced paced lifestyle is matched by his love for the finer things in life, rocking a new suit for every day of the week, a different watch depending on his mood, and most importantly a new pair of shades for every week.

Whether you’re always on the go, always busy or always looking busy then Espresso Goupie will be your perfect life companion.