Meet: Espresso Goupie

Where Does Espresso Goupie Come From?

Founded in the second round of Goupie flavours alongside Ginger, Espresso Goupie was a no-brainer for the Simpson family. With Joe regularly consuming 10 espressos a day, it seemed like an obvious choice for our next flavour combination!

What’s in Espresso Goupie?
Espresso Goupie starts with our signature cocoa-rich syrup base, into which is mixed toasted rice, crushed biscuit crumb and ground coffee. This yummy mix is then coated in our 55% chocolate and topped with a whole espresso bean. If you hear a big crunch, that's deliberate!

Espresso Chocolate Vegan

What’s The Best Accompaniment For Espresso Goupie?

What else? A double espresso!

Espresso Goupie Baking Suggestions:

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Espresso Goupie's Character

Ambitious, driven and organised. Beating the sun every morning, their day is always battling against the clock right from the get-go!

This character is likely to have a fast-paced job to fit with their fast-paced lifestyle and there is no doubt in your mind that they'll achieve every goal they set for themselves. Sure, sometimes they are almost definitely talking complete nonsense, but they're doing it with confidence and you can't help but believe them!

Most of the time you're probably wondering how they seem to have so many more hours in the day than you, or at the very least what's fuelling that fire, and how you can get some for yourself! Well, if they could bottle it, they most certainly would, and make a tidy profit in the meantime...

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Espresso Goupie Character