Meet: Ginger Goupie

Where do we start with this crazy character…to say you probably know someone like this would be a lie. Defined as unusual from the rest they don’t conform with the rest of society, they would probably categorise themselves as a true hipster. Their calming aura is infectious, when you’re around this individual all your worries merely become a distant memory of the past…you suddenly feel free.

Oversized sweaters and loose jeans are the two most important items of clothing for them, but the thing they value most in their life is obviously their acoustic guitar! He looks at life differently to the rest of us, colourful blankets and paintings are what surround him when he’s at home because white walls are far too boring.

Always looking to help others at any opportunity, whether picking up litter off the street or helping orphans to build new schools in a foreign land, putting others first is something which just comes naturally to them.

Over the top, eccentric, and slightly annoying, sure they are, but wouldn’t the world be a boring place if everybody was the same.

Ginger Goupie you are one of a kind and a refreshing discovery once found…