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Getting To Know Our Flavours

Meet: Hazelnut Goupie

Where Does Hazelnut Goupie Come From?

This is one of the four original flavours alongside Chilli, Orange, and Mint – not counting Original itself. Hazelnut Goupie has gone through a range of transformations, originally made using nibbed and roasted hazelnuts which were later replaced in favour of whole hazelnut pieces that you can really sink your teeth into.

What’s in Hazelnut Goupie?
As with the majority of Goupie flavours, it starts life as a cocoa-rich syrup into which toasted rice, crushed biscuit, and whole roasted hazelnuts are added. It is then fully enrobed in Belgian chocolate on top of which one of our oompa-loompas places a generous piece of hazelnut.

Hazelnut Top Down Crop

What’s The Best Accompaniment For Hazelnut Goupie?

A delicious evening treat, Hazelnut Goupie paired with an iced glass of Besos is a great way to end a day.

Hazelnut Goupie Baking Suggestions:
Double chocolate hazelnut doughnuts

I made these coz I’m nuts for you

Chocolate samosas

Chocolate Truffles


Hazelnut Goupie’s Character

Hazelnut Goupie is everyone’s favourite nutter and dad-joke extraordinaire. You can always count on him to crack a pun wherever he can whether it’ll fly or flop. Because of this he’ll always be there to brighten your day and try to make you smile, whether you like it or nut.

There’s nothing too crazy about him, a traditional mix. He’s a stand-up guy, ever reliable, great company, and just the bloke you want to chill with on an evening, grab a pint with, or have over for a BBQ.

He gets on with pretty much everybody, although a few might find him slightly irritating. It’s never his intention to cause harm, only to bring joy. He’s always doing his best and he won’t take offence if he’s not your cup of tea.

In a nutshell, he’s pretty much your average beans-on-toast kinda guy.

This piece was written for Goupie by Hanna Simpson.

Hazelnut New Label