Meet: Mint Goupie

Cooler than ice, cooler than a cucumber, cooler than a polar bear’s toenails…he’s the cream of the crop that’s for sure!

To the average you and I, our minds can’t even begin to comprehend how he articulately coordinates his socks to match the colour of his flowery cravat. Effortless, day after day, he looks immaculate from head to toe. Pruned to perfection, he turns all the fashion heads down the high street, all stopping in their tracks, turning green with envy.

The extravagant outfits that take up the most part of London Saville row windows, were all designed with for Mint Goupie in mind, he is the type of guy who could pull every type of outfit off, regardless the pattern or colour.

He priorities doing things he enjoys and living for the moment, he spends most of his days in creative spaces channeling his passion and imagination into his work. We think he is motivated by the thought of kicking back after work with a glass of wine and some fine chocolates of course!

A box of vegan chocolate mint Goupie

Forever branded the ‘cool kid’ he will never live down his sophisticated reputation, a classic man that is a favourite among many Goupie Groupies. Everyone admires you from your head to your toes, oh Mint Goupie we do love you <3