Meet: Mint Goupie

Where Does Mint Goupie Come From?

This is one of the four original flavours alongside Chilli, Orange, and Hazelnut – not counting Original itself. Mint Goupie is a classic combination of peppermint and chocolate, the ideal treat after eight, or frankly, any time!

What’s in Mint Goupie?

Mint Goupie consists of a cocoa-syrup base which is filled with toasted rice, biscuit crumb and a peppermint essential oil before being smothered in chocolate and topped with some candied mint leaves.

Vegan Mint Chocolate

What’s The Best Accompaniment For Mint Goupie?

At the end of the day, what could be a better pallet cleanser than a cup of green tea and a piece of Mint Goupie?

Mint Goupie Baking Suggestions:

Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream

Eton Mess

Mint Chocolate Chip Granola

Mint Chocolate Granola

Mint Goupie’s Character

Cooler than ice, cooler than a cucumber and definitely cooler than a cat. This character is as smooth as they come and wouldn’t feel out of place in a Bond movie. They’re eloquent, charismatic and have you ever seen them have a bad hair day?

It’s an effortless charm which is impossible to replicate. Laid back, but not lazy. Suave, but not slimy. We all have a secret crush on this person and who wouldn’t, but just you wait, get to know them well enough and you’ll realise they’re not super human after-all!

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Mint Goupie Character