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Meet: Orange Goupie
Getting To Know Our Flavours

Meet: Orange Goupie

Orange Goupie is a classically happy chappy. They’re always up for a laugh and are a sure thing if you’re looking for a good time! Full of youthful energy, Orange Goupie will get on with anyone. Whether you’re young, old; male, female; marmite lover or marmite hater, Orange Goupie will get you giggling like a 5 year old in no time!

They’re one of those characters you could spend a whole day with without batting an eyelid. Easy-going and tons of fun – the perfect combination when you need a little pick-me-up after work or are looking for a stress-free weekend. It’s hard to knock such an eternally upbeat character, even if they feel a little too much at times.

It’s safe to say that Orange Goupie is the kind of character who will stay with you for the rest of your life; someone you’ll find yourself going back to time and time again. Don’t get us wrong, like anyone, they have their off days, but they always come bouncing back with double the energy and double the enthusiasm for life.

It’s rare that you meet someone who has such a zest for life as our good pal, Orange Goupie. Sometimes, it’s difficult to see where they get their positivity from. One thing is certain: it’s completely infectious. When Orange is around, life just feels that little bit simpler - a definite regression back to your youth!

If you’ve got an Orange Goupie in your life, you’re a lucky soul indeed…But don’t forget, no matter how jolly they seem on the surface, everyone needs a little reciprocal cheering every now and again!

Here’s to the classic that you just can’t beat: Orange Goupie <3

Orange Goupie Trio