Meet: Original Goupie

Where Does Original Goupie Come From?

Original Goupie is the closest recipe to Grandma Noble’s original Goupie recipe. Grandma couldn’t quite remember where she had originally sourced the recipe, but it was written in her hand-written cook book, for those special family favourites.

Grandma Noble was Janet’s mother who is, of course, the founder of Goupie. She made Goupie for her children whilst they were growing up, and it was on their request that she started this adventure, later recruiting one of those daughters to help her grow the business.

Read more about our origins here.

What’s In Original Goupie?

A cocoa-syrup base makes up the bulk of our Original Goupie. This is then filled with toasted rice and biscuit before being fully encased in Belgian chocolate. There you have it, simple ingredients for an extraordinary product (if we do say so ourselves…)!

Goupie Original pieces

What’s The Best Accompaniment For Original Goupie?

We think the best accompaniment to Original Goupie is a nice cup of milky tea. What better to go with a comforting family-friendly treat than a British staple!

Original Goupie Baking Suggestions:
Chocolate Filled Doughballs

Chocolate Muffins with an Easter Nest

Chocolate Cheesecake

Chocolate Vegan Cheesecake Recipe

Original Goupie’s Character

It goes without saying that OriginalĀ GoupieĀ is the mother of allĀ Goupie’s. She’s the basic DNA behind it all, theĀ flavourĀ that brings all the others together. Even if they quite relateĀ to each other, they always have OriginalĀ GoupieĀ in common.

They’re the approachable peacemaker who’s always there for you if life gets too complicated. For those days when you don’t want to see anyone because the world is against you,Ā and only your mum with a cup of tea is an acceptable intrusion.

That being said, people are always going to rebel against their mother. Branch out, try new things. But at the end of the day, nothing beats that home comfort after an adventurous day trying the weird and wonderful, or an awful day at the office!

She’s sweet and caring, looking after you in your darkest moments. In addition, she’s genuine and authentic, making sure you don’t get carried away and doĀ something you’d regret. The true maternal being!

We all need a littleĀ mummaĀ loving every now and again, and that’s where OriginalĀ GoupieĀ really fits the bill..

Do you know an Original Goupie? We’d love to hear all about them! Let’s spread the maternal love <3

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Original Goupie Character