Brandmance: Munchy Seeds

For those of you out there looking for a savoury snack that you can feel good about eating, Munchy Seeds really are the perfect solution. Much like Goupie, Munchy Seeds come from a family recipe - what would we do without our grandmother's, eh? As with any good family food start-up, Munchy Seeds was originally produced in the family kitchen - though this kitchen was almost 12,000 miles away to begin with. As their name suggests, Munchy Seeds produce a range of both sweet and savoury seeds ready for a cheeky nibble.

It wasn't until 15 years into production that Munchy Seeds began producing in the UK, after Lucinda and her husband moved over from New Zealand. We're certainly glad they did! You can now find Munchy Seeds at a wide variety of high-end outlets - check out their stockist map for full details - we're especially fond of their Chilli mix, yum yum!

Munchy Seeds shares more than a family recipe in common with Goupie. They were also started by another husband and wife team, clearly it's a winning combination 😉 The company has now expanded way beyond this duo, with over 20 employees mixing up those moreish seeds. All of their seeds are gluten-free, and they also have a range of vegan friendly options. These can all be found in snack packs and sharing boxes - sound familiar?

Another reason we love Munchy Seeds is their fantastic brand image. Their packaging is bright and fun, using seed-like shapes as a theme throughout. This is exemplified through their blog which features recipes and other friendly tips that we can't get enough of! In fact, we like to use the Salted Caramel Seeds in our own Date & Walnut Energy Balls..

Despite their growth, Munchy Seeds have managed to remain incredibly customer focused, doing a huge number of shows. We think this is great and proves how much they care about their customers - we know as well as anyone how much energy events can be!

All in all, Munchy Seeds ticks a lot of Goupie boxes, and we only hope they continue their phenomenal success. Here, here!