Oatly Does It

Oatly’s sole motivation is to enable people the joys they know and love without costing the planet and stripping its resources. The Swedish company was founded in the 1990s after research from Lund University. It is now available in 20 countries, thankfully including the UK! It also seems to be the milk alternative of choice for many coffee shops, which is probably for the reasons we’ve not yet covered!

Their product list is growing, and growing, and we hope to see all their offerings in store someplace close sometime soon. Their milks cater to all sorts, ranging from whole to semi to skinny, depending on how you might’ve taken your cows milk or what nutritional values you favour. They also have their regular, their organic and their flavoured milks which include chocolate (completely delicious) and orange/mango (which we’ve not tried but could be amazing in a smoothie). Undoubtedly, our favourite has to be the barista edition (which is the product that, as the name implies, baristas love!). It foams up incredibly, as does their Oatly Whole drink, and makes the most delicious hot chocolates and coffees (which you sometimes need to sip between bites of Goupie).

Oatly Barista Edition

Their on-the-go products are equally as exciting with milky shakes, pouches and a little something for your quick coffee fix. Other treats include their wonderful vanilla custard and the uncanny Oatly Crème Fraiche. They also have many products which are, unfortunately, not yet easily available to us but we are sure that will change very soon.

Their website is a full of character as their packaging and they display openly their values and ideals. Their first ever sustainability report is also published on their site (for those interested) including an interview with Oatly CEO Toni Petersson. He explains that their factory in Landskrona is powered by renewable fuels and their sustainability performance is constantly being researched and monitored to ensure progress and improvement wherever possible. With this report they seek to educate on exploitation of resources and broken food systems in order to create public awareness which could eventually lead to a more sustainable, and healthy, planet for us all.

Double Choco Cookies Semi

Their report shows their commitment to transparency, the progress the company has made and where they are at in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and their ecological footprint, as well as the goals they are aiming for in the coming years which (we think) is something that all large corporations should take note of. They also demonstrate the difference in their oat-based milks when compared to traditional cows milk (both at 1.5% fat) – oats using 79% less land and 60% less energy whilst producing 80% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. We won’t provide the whole report, for fear of losing your interest, but it can be found here if you’d like to give it a read!

All in all, Oatly is one brand who we think are doing pretty much everything right. What’s more, they give us confidence as consumers, and fellow business people, that anything they aren’t doing right, they’re committed to changing. There are not many brands you can have that much confidence in!

Images taken from www.livekindly.com, www.veganfoodandliving.com and http://www.mynewsdesk.com.

This piece was written for Goupie by Hanna Simpson.