Priory Farm - Featured Retailer January 2018

Priory farm is certainly up there as one of the most historic retailers stocking Goupie. This beautiful, historic, farm is set deep in the Surrey countryside and has been flourishing since 1957, with 2017 marking their 60th year in business.

Priory Farm 2

Together both John Shinner and his wife, Wendy, purchased Priory Farm in the summer of 1957 for £13,000. Since then, it has become a much-loved destination for food lovers and families. Over the years, the farm has featured a variety of different ventures all aimed to get the public involved. In the late 1960’s, John had become a pioneer in UK farming with the introduction of ‘Pick Your Own’ fruit and vegetables. Starting with one acre of Strawberries which opened to the public in 1970, to later having over 80 acres featuring a wide variety of fruits and vegetables! The British public grew eager to explore the countryside, and fresh air which led to the venture proving hugely popular and people were loving the option of gathering truly fresh produce straight from the ground.

John later recruited both of his sons to oversee the steady expansion of Priory Farm, who along with other staff have helped transform the farm into what it is today – a family attraction which appeals to all ages.

The farm shop now proudly boasts a superb selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables, who work closely with suppliers to ensure they are receiving the freshest possible products. Not to mention, they also have Strawberries and prized English asparagus grown especially for them, and even sun-ripened Tomatoes straight from the Isle of Wight.

It also features a butchery, which prides itself on supplying you with the best. Sourcing and preparing the best meat, Andy and the team are always happy to share recipe ideas and to prepare your meat exactly how you need it. Like most of the farm, the butchers are also very supportive of local farmers. Along with the fresh meat on display, the farm also has a variety of fresh fish on offer, which will be perfect for those seeking some fine fishy ingredients for supper!

Also, boasting a fantastic selection of handmade cakes and baked bread, which originally started in the 90’s and has grown into one of the most attractive parts of the shop. Clearly, we are not the only ones who think the cakes on offer are delicious, as they were awarded two Gold Awards for their handmade food by the Fine Food Guild.

Whether you’re a big cheese fan or a pastry lover, the deli will make your decision incredibly difficult with handmade quiches, local cheeses, mouth-watering pies, and a whole olive bar on offer, you’ll end up leaving with a car full of delicious food before you know it!

If you’re heading down to the farm in search of some gorgeous goodies, then you will not be disappointed…traditional lemonades, fiery ginger drinks and cool ice teas are just some of the drinks on offer if you fancy a refreshing beverage, or whether you’re searching for an alcoholic accompaniment for dinner, there are a selection of world wines all personally chosen for the farm by an expert wine merchant. Also, if you love home cooking and are constantly on the lookout for new sauces, and dressings then the shop will be your heaven. They aim to “steer clear of mainstream brands and bring you luxury products to grace your next barbecue, dinner party, cocktails on the patio - or cosy night in”.

 ‘Wow’ I hear you say, and as if the shop wasn’t already amazing enough, the farm shop doesn’t shop there, the frozen section features a variety of food on offer from, as they say themselves, “From 'Cook' frozen ready meals to crammed to the crust pies from The Real Pie Company, real dairy ices and our unique scoop-your-own selection, come and stock your freezer with our fabulous selection and you'll be able to whip up a feast at the drop of a hat”. And as if that wasn’t enough to persuade you to visit, finally, the shop has a selection of brilliant beers and cider, and some hidden gems among the shelves – one of which is of course Goupie!

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Priory Farm paths a new way for great local suppliers and does a fantastic job of stocking a hugely wonderful array of stock, sure to please everybody.

Whether you’re looking for a great family adventure taking part in one of the discovery walks, or just a relaxing days fishing, Priory Farm will accommodate you. However, you probably will not be able to resist a visit to the farm shop and be warned, it’s extremely difficult to walk away empty handed.

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