Ready meals from the Heart

Started by budding entrepreneur and frozen cake salesman, Edward in 1997. The tale of COOK started in Farnham, Surrey when he began to sell hand-prepared home cooked food matching the quality of the cakes his parents have always made. They simply set out to chase their one dream; ‘of being the world’s best-ever maker of ready meals’.

From day one they’ve used simple processes and ingredients all designed to make the meals taste wholesome and look homemade. They would make a family sized portion for testing and then simply scale up the ingredients to manufacture to meet demand. Quickly after they opened their first store, demand rocketed which led to them opening their second, third, fourth and to today where they have over 80 shops across the UK. They have two kitchens, one based in Sittingbourne, just down the road from the Goupie HQ, and the second is a puddings kitchen in Somerset, where all their yummy meals are made to made to perfection. How do they make sure every meal is perfect we hear you ask? Well with every batch they try a single serving to ensure standards are not slipping (doesn't that sound like a dream job?). But with over 15 years in the business, it’s safe to say they have mastered the trade and certainly know what they’re doing.

It’s essential that every employee shares the same passion for cooking and for COOK as Edward does, every stage of COOK’s manufacturing process is done by hand so therefore as Perry says; “Every single person has to care about what they are doing. If they don’t that’s where you lose 10pc-15pc of quality”. They create a cohesive workforce by ensuring the company follows the same visons; people are not human resources, creating a community, leading through relationship not hierarchy, being masters of your own destiny and working with a purpose. To practice what the preach about their ‘care’ values, they give all the kitchen’s leftover batches to Caring Hands, a Rochester based charity responsible for feeding 250 people a day.

COOK’s values are made visible to everyone helping to create a family feeling within the company. For example, their store walls are full of company core values to ensure that both customers and employees are constantly reminded of what’s important. Another factor which has contributed towards the success of COOK in recent years is their adaptability to stay competitive, they now deliver all their products straight to your door at your convenience.

Their success has not gone unnoticed, recently they ranked 38th in the Sunday Times Best Companies list in 2018, impressively making COOK the highest-placed manufacturer and the third highest retailer. Along with a great taste award in 2017, it’s fair to say that they are well on their way to becoming the best producer of ready meals. There website offers a hugely in depth ‘About us’ section which can be accessed here;