Recycling the Recycled!

The arrival of a Goupie package is a pure win for our household. Mummy and Daddy are delighted to sink their teeth into beautiful vegan chocolate, while our toddler, cannot wait to steal the box of recycled packaging to embark on a mighty adventure.

As a conscious consumer, one of the main attractions that keeps me ordering from Goupie, is their responsible packaging. The chocolate themselves come enclosed in snazzy cardboard boxes (which I often up-cycle into little gift boxes), which are then sealed by a large cardboard box full of shredded paper.


All of it can be recycled. However, you wouldn’t believe the play opportunities this also presents. The shredded paper is a great sensory opportunity for toddlers. It’s colourful, shimmery and very tactile.

It’s been our mighty ocean (where we’ve had to make stepping stones out of books to get across), it’s been the rain pouring down over our messy teddies who needed a wash, and it’s been lots of wriggly worms which we’ve had to catch as fast as possible before the cat ate them.

But most importantly, it’s fed many hungry bears, mermaids, dinosaurs and ponies. By simply putting down a messy mat or blanket, we’ve gathered up lots of cooking utensils and made paper soup, paper tea and paper cakes. The possibilities are endless. The shredded paper can be mashed up, stirred and flattened! We’ve cooked it on our little cooker, left it to cool down and served it up for a teddy bear picnic.


When we’re done, my toddler has been practising using her dust-pan and brush to help sweep it all away, ready for our next adventure. There’s no paint to clear up, nothing to wash up and no sticky dough that leaves stains. We just love it. Our Goupie box of shredded paper sits eagerly for its next adventure.

Thank you Goupie for giving us parents a sweet sugary boost, while our little one extends her intrigue, wonder and creativity.


This post was written by Emma Oldham on behalf of Goupie.