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The Rise of Zero WasteReduce Reuse RecycleThe Rise of Zero Waste

With sustainability taking an ever-more present position in our thoughts, it's no surprise that more and more zero waste stores have been popping up in our local communities. We take a look at some of our local stores to highlight some of the possibilities available to us to live a more conscious lifestyle.

Better Recycling TipsReduce Reuse RecycleBetter Recycling Tips

For some of you, there won't be anything you don't already know in our list, but for others these tips could help you improve your waste management and ultimately environmental footprint!

Top Tips For Upcycling This ChristmasReduce Reuse RecycleTop Tips For Upcycling This Christmas

Christmas is notorious for it's excess, and after the year we've all had, we think everyone probably deserves a special holiday. But that's not to say there's not still things we can do to reduce the waste we're creating and have fun at the same time! Here are just a few ways you can re-use your Christmas waste this year...

Make Your Own Cotton PadsReduce Reuse RecycleMake Your Own Cotton Pads

If you're anything like us, you're constantly racking your brains for new ways to reuse 'waste'. Don't worry, we're happy to share what we've come up with with our Goupie Groupies! This time, a super easy way to reuse cotton fabric waste...

Make Your Own Veg BagsReduce Reuse RecycleMake Your Own Veg Bags

We may not be experts at sowing, but even we can manage these! Make your own veg bags out of old t-shirts to use at the supermarket and cut down on single-use plastics. It's so easy, even WE can do it!

Gardening Jobs For In The HouseReduce Reuse RecycleGardening Jobs For In The House

We're all stuck inside at the moment, but that doesn't mean that we can't be getting some bits done for our allotment/gardens! Here's a couple of things that co-owner Grace has been doing to pass the time inside...

Make Your Own Spider & WebReduce Reuse RecycleMake Your Own Spider & Web

Have you been noticing more spider webs in the garden lately? That is because, during Autumn, spiders spend their time being out and about looking for a mate. So after marvelling at their glistening, symmetrical webs, we wanted to create our own! You can make this from things lying about the house and is a fantastic way to show children how fun recycling can be. Its dangly legs will make a brilliant Halloween decoration!

Transform Waste Into Nature ConnectednessReduce Reuse RecycleTransform Waste Into Nature Connectedness

Has anybody else been watching BBC’s Hugh War on Plastics? Anyone desperate to curb their plastic usage? Emma Oldham has some tricks up her sleeve that she's been generous enough to share with us!

How To Home Compost!Reduce Reuse RecycleHow To Home Compost!

Home Composting: An Easy Way to Fight Climate Change & Food Waste by Emma Oldham

Top 3 Recycling Schemes To Help Reduce WasteReduce Reuse RecycleTop 3 Recycling Schemes To Help Reduce Waste

We put a lot of faith in our recycle bins. We spend time rinsing out and collecting recyclables, but where does it actually end up? Sadly, only 9% of the world’s recyclable plastics actually end up being recycled. The remaining plastics end up either dumped into the ocean, illegally incinerated (which produces highly toxic fumes), or stuffed into poorly maintained landfills. There just isn’t enough resources or money to meet recycling demands while plastic consumption is at an unstoppable amount.

However…don’t stress too much. There are still some great companies working hard to help us recycle our waste. And the more we utilise them, the stronger demand we create for recycling initiatives. Emma Oldham's explored a few...

Top 3 Ways To Reduce Plastics On-The-GoReduce Reuse RecycleTop 3 Ways To Reduce Plastics On-The-Go

Emma Oldham gives us her top three ways to reduce your use of plastics on the go.

Top 3 Easter Card CraftsReduce Reuse RecycleTop 3 Easter Card Crafts

For some reason, Easter holidays have always been filled with arts and crafts. Whether it be Easter Bonnets, egg baskets or Easter decorations kids this time of year are glued to the pritt stick. Here's our top three Easter crafts, all of which are possible to make with our Easter Egg boxes!