Reuse Your Easter Eggs - Part 1

As with any holiday, Easter comes with an excess of pretty packaging. Some of this can be recycled, some you can reuse, but the vast majority inevitably ends up in landfills. This year, we were determined that our Easter treats (because no one's saying you shouldn't be allowed treats) shouldn't be subjected to this same fate. That's why we chose to avoid plastic moulding, keeping to recyclable card for the majority, a small amount of recyclable plastic to keep the chocolate safe (don't worry - we're working on this) and finishing with the star of the show; our reusable Faberge-style eggs.

In this post, we wanted to demonstrate a couple of ways we've come up with for reusing those beautiful eggs!

1. Make your egg into a candle

If you're anything like us, you love a good candle. More often than not, this means you're left with puddles of unused wax. Well, there's a simple solution!

Candle Melting

It's easy to melt your old candles down in a bain marie (a bowl suspended above simmering water) and then pour the resulting liquid into old jam jars, old candle pots AND Goupie Easter Eggs!

Making A Candle

All you need is a couple of candle wicks (available at craft stores and online) and you're good to go! We used an old chop stick to keep ours standing upright, and didn't even need to bother with gluing the wick to the base (although this is usually advised...).

Reused Candle

It really is as easy as anything, and means you can have a constant stream of candles in all sorts of interesting containers! Just make sure you use something that's going to withstand the heat...

Img 2495

2. Use your egg as a travel soap dish

Now, this option is as easy as can be. All you have to do is pop your soap inside the tin and avoid sticky travel messes!

Reused Soap Dish

We've got another three clever reuses to come, so keep posted, and do let us know if you come up with any yourselves!