Reusing Your Easter Eggs - Part 2

3. Make your Easter Egg into a handy jewellery box

All you need for this nifty little craft project is a sponge and a pair of scissors!

Simple trim your sponge to fit neatly into your egg, add a couple of ring-sized holes, and pop the sponge into the bottom of the egg.

Then, you've got a ready made jewellery box, ready to close and take with you on trips! You can also use the egg to store other bits of jewellery if you're going on a bit trip and don't want to risk losing your valuables...

Egg Jewellery Box

4. Reuse and regift your egg next year

Perhaps the easiest way to make use of this rather attractive egg, is to refill it with chocolate and gift to a loved one next year. Just because it's easy, doesn't mean it's a bad idea!

Reuseable Easter Egg

5. Display your egg for the world to see

Just because your egg is made out of tin, doesn't make it any less fabulous than the original Faberge's! Why not display your egg on a book shelf, window sill, or even in a glass box in the middle of the room? Call it 'modern art', we're sure you'll get away with it!

Egg Shelf