Rewilding Britian

Eagle-eyed Goupie Groupies will have noticed the addition of our new collections, each designed to support a different community project or charity. Amongst these is the Earth Collection, containing Espresso, Hazelnut, Date & Walnut, Mochaccino, Mint and White Chocolate & Cardamom Goupie, and donating £5 from each sale to Rewilding Britain.

We feel especially strongly about these rewilding projects at Goupie. The restoration of Britian’s natural eco-system is something we would love dearly to see, and something which we truly believe would benefit us all. Very close to our factory home in Kent, Bison were recently reintroduced near Canterbury after more than 6,000 years due to a collaboration between Rewilding Britian and the Kent Wildlife Trust. This was the catalyst in inspiring us to support these amazing projects in the only way we know how; with chocolate!


Rather than offering an intangible promise, we really wanted to make sure that what we offered was clear, and worthwhile. This is why we created our collections, so that a very tangible £5 from each sale could be donated directly to our chosen charities, and so that you know exactly how much your contribution is worth.

We’re using Work For Good to track our contributions who specialise in connecting brands and charities so that they can work together to support their amazing projects.

Goupie Earth Collection: Mint, Hazelnut, Espresso, Mochaccino, Cardamom & Date and Walnut

Rewilding isn’t just about reintroducing animals into the natural environment. Its wider goal is to create a natural rhythm within the biodiversity so that it can not only sustain itself, but also regenerate. This includes enriching the soil, reducing flood risks and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. This isn’t just happening on land, but also in water, and Rewilding Britian has hundreds of projects across the entirety of the UK.

There are so many wonderful ways to support their projects, including donating directly on their website! However, if you were looking to fill your cupboards with some chocolate, and needed an extra little motivation on which flavours to choose, look no further than the Earth Collection! It’s a great selection of Goupie flavours, and £5 from each order will go directly to Rewilding Britian. It’s really a win, win!