Surfers Against Sewage

Our Ocean Collection is the third charity collection we have on the website, with £5 from every sale going directly to Surfers Against Sewage!

Here at Goupie, we're passionate about more than just crafting delicious chocolates; we're committed to making a positive impact on our planet. That's why we've teamed up with Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), through Work For Good, a UK-based environmental charity dedicated to protecting our oceans and coastlines. Through our Ocean Collection, we're not only offering our customers a devilishly moreish treat but also providing vital support to SAS in their mission to tackle marine pollution and promote clean, plastic-free seas.

Founded in 1990 by a group of surfers in Cornwall, Surfers Against Sewage has since grown into a powerful force for environmental change. With a focus on grassroots activism, education, and campaigns, SAS has been instrumental in driving forward legislation and initiatives to safeguard our marine ecosystems. From organising beach clean-ups to lobbying for stricter pollution controls, SAS works tirelessly to ensure that our coastlines remain pristine for future generations to enjoy.

A great example of how SAS are highlighting water quality issues around the UK, is their sewage pollution map, providing real time data on sewage discharge and pollution. It's so important that we understand the impact of our waste on the environment around us, and also hold those who are managing this waste to account. The sewage pollution map is a stark reminder of this, and hopefully a great start at shining a light on exactly where we need to improve.

Another amazing initiative that SAS organise, is their Million Mile Clean which looks to tackle plastic pollution on our beaches. You can sign up to volunteer at any beach which is convenient to you, or even organise your own litter pick. A super easy way to get involved and make a visible impact to our shorelines!

At Goupie, we admire SAS's dedication to protecting our oceans, which is why we've chosen to support their cause through our Ocean Collection. With every purchase of our specially curated assortment of Ginger, Salted Sticky Toffee, and Mint Goupie, £5 goes directly to Surfers Against Sewage. Not only do you get to indulge in six boxes of our irresistible chocolates, but you also play a part in preserving our marine environment – it's a win-win situation! What better way to treat yourself?