The Goupie story Pt. 5

So, as it stands we have a factory, we have a great product and we have a Paula. Now it was time to get serious. Over the next couple of years, sales grew steadily and sustainably from the help of Goupie Man Joe. These orders were met by Janet and Paula, with their local team of ladies, and solid foundations were laid for the brand.

To get to the next level, and reach a larger customer base we needed to up our game even further! First, we invested in some brand new packaging with a distinctive shape. We were determined to keep the homemade feel, whilst also getting across the brands quirks and originality. Enter Flip Flop designs who made light work of coming up with something truly original.

Goupie Story Pt 5 Packaging

We absolutely fell in love with this design and are constantly finding new ways to use it in our branding. In fact, we weren't the only ones! That year, we were shortlisted for the UK Packaging Awards, up against some pretty stiff competition including Starbucks, M&S and Sol Cool, who eventually won it. Not bad for a little guy!

Goupie Story Pt 5 Salsa

Another huge step that Goupie had to make, was to gain our SALSA accreditation, a small supplier health and safety program. SALSA is accepted by most of the UK major supermarkets, and is often a requirement for listing. It requires yearly assessments, training and standards to ensure that we're producing food to the highest quality and safety standards possible. If you ever meet Janet between April and May, give her a little pat on the back, she'll be working tirelessly to make sure we've surpassed every criteria!

The final step in our move towards world (ok, maybe just UK-wide) domination, was to start focusing more on sales and marketing (as of yet, pretty much an after-thought). Daughter, Grace, came on board working solely on commission for the first year to try and boost that customer base and social media presence. Fortunately, chocolate is not a particularly hard sell and so things moved along nicely!

Check in next month for the sixth and final chapter in this first segment of our Goupie Story, we'll be bringing you right up to date!