The Goupie Story Pt. 6

This is it folks, the last installment of our Goupie Story...for now!

It's time to bring you right up to date, starting from where we left off. Goupie daughter, Grace had just joined the business. This was just in time for IFE, one of the largest UK food trade shows. The aim was to show off their new packaging, look for export opportunities and launch their brand new product line, Goupie Minis!

Goupie Story Pt 6 Grace

The show proved a success, with the eye-catching stand design pulling in plenty of interested buyers. The Minis, in particular the new flavour: Salted Sticky Toffee were a huge hit, especially with those looking for new vegan and free-from products!

This was mirrored later in the year, when Goupie won two free-from awards at the Free From Awards and The Food Talk Awards for both Salted Sticky Toffee and Date & Walnut. We think, it was about time!

Goupie Story Pt 6 Award

2017 was also the year we signed on with our first national distributor: Hider Foods. We'd decided that, as much as we enjoyed the customer interaction, it was impractical for us to visit every independent in the country!

Since then, we've signed up an additional two distributors: Diverse Fine Foods and Suma Wholefoods. We're delighted to be working amongst distributors with such wonderful reputations, and are excited to see where our partnership with them takes us!

Goupie Story Pt 6 Packaging

There've been so many exciting growth milestones since the company began in 2010, so we'll quickly run through the last few exciting moments: exporting to Lithuania (I know!), reaching 8,000 customers via our social media, launching in the Co-op, passing our 2rd (and 3rd) SALSA audits, switching to RSPO palm oil in all of our Goupie's AND launching Sesame Butter Goupie with all it's added protein.

Well if that's not exhausted you, it's certainly exhausted us! So for now, we're gonna stick out heads back down and continue to make some more milestones. We look forward to updating you soon!