The Goupie Story Pt. 1

What is Goupie? Where does Goupie come from? Do you say it Goo-py or Gau-pie? These are just a few of the questions we receive on a regular basis, and we thought it was about time we shared our story with you!

Let’s set the scene: It's Halloween, 2004. The Simpson family are hosting a party. It's full of happy, costumed, children and nattering adults. For no particular reason, the theme seems to be Morocco. There are cushions and poufs littering the floor, with patterned fabrics lining the walls and ceiling. Finally, add to the scene a banquette of tagine, salads and cous cous, whilst the CD Arabic Groove plays in the background.

Kids Party
Kids Party

You have just attended a classic Simpson event, but the evening is not quite over yet. Once the kids have returned from a very prosperous Trick or Treating expedition, dessert is served. Presented on a brightly coloured platter, a mountain of Goupie appears in the middle of the floor. Little hands dive in from all directions, accompanied by squeals of delight. Within minutes, the mountain has been reduced to an empty plate, with adults relieved that Janet had the good sense to hold some back in the 'grown-up' zone. This is how Goupie is meant to, and has always been, enjoyed - in great company and high spirits.

Fast forward, and we're back in the present. Goupie is now a very different creation, with about 1/3 of the sugar it originally contained, a new triangular shape, and fully enrobed pieces. Not to mention it's distinctive packaging and huge range of flavours. Notwithstanding, the essence is still very much the same: a hand-made chewy chocolate confectionery that's suitable for just about everyone.

Family Pic
The Simpson Family

But we're getting ahead of ourselves, this is not technically the origin of Goupie.

Goupie originally came from grandma Noble (Shirley), Janet's mother. It was a treat that was enjoyed in the Noble household for as long as anyone can remember. This has caused great difficulties in remembering exactly where it came from and why on earth it was named Goupie! So let's solve that pronunciation issue here and now. 'Goo-py' has become the officially accepted pronunciation, despite the fact that is was always called 'goo-pay' in the Simpson household!

Grandma Noble
Grandma Noble

Shirley's original recipe can still be found in her hand-written cookbook, though it's carefully locked away at Goupie HQ, so no luck in making your own - very hush hush! This is the recipe that saw the Noble/Simpson family through 50 years of Goupie making. It was enjoyed at many a family event, car drive and even in extra-special packed lunches!

Now that you're well acquainted with the origins of Goupie, we bet you can't wait to find out exactly how the business got started. Check back here in a month's time to find out..