The Ultimate Halloween Guide

First things first…with over 12 flavours of devilishly moreish (totally vegan) chocolatey treats, you really are spoilt for choice with Goupie alone. Why not buy several different boxes and have a game of ‘Guess the Goupie’ – although it is likely to be all treats and no tricks! Don’t forget to check out the recipe sectionof our website where you can find a whole host of super scrummy ideas – and some spooky Halloween specials…

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The secret to a spooktacular spread is to think creatively; fruits and vegetables are great ways to add creepy colours to your favourite foods: beetroot adds a purple hue which is deal for wicked witches treats, raspberries and cherries give a brilliant ‘blood-effect’ whilst avocados are ideal for greenery.

Create your own ‘Creepy Canapes’ with a selection of sharing dishes…vegetable crisps look fantastic with their dark, earthy colours. Emily Crisps make a range of fruit and vegetable crisps using all natural ingredients and no added sugar. The vibrant Sweet Potato Sticks come in two different flavours; simply sprinkled with ‘Sea Salt’ or, for those who prefer bolder flavours, ‘Chilli & Lime’ (fans of Chilli Goupie will love the subtle heat combined with the zesty lime). Add a splash of colour with packets of ‘Root Veg’ – full of curled crisps of sweet potato, carrot and beetroot – or go green and mean with ‘Spring Greens’ (full of crunchy French beans, sugar snap peas and black edamame beans). Don’t miss the fruity flavours which are perfect to decorate halloween cakes and bakes or spooky sundaes (don’t worry we have the perfect plant-based ice-cream too!). Stay with the seasons with our personal favourite (come on – we are a Kent company!) the ‘Crunchy Red Apple’ option…Available online and from various retailers including Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Boots, Ocado, WHSmith and Wholefoods. For more information please visit:

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Don’t overlook the humble spud! Check out the top quality crisps from Kettle Chips who pride themselves on delivering the very best taste and texture (that all important crunch!) by only ever using real ingredients: no added MSG, artificial flavours or colours. Every crisp is made with care, pride and passion – the potatoes are hand-cooked in small batches and seasoned with sensational flavour combinations. There are some cracking vegan options too: the sea salt & balsamic vinegar is beautifully dressed with Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP, whilst the sea salt & black pepper is perfect for those who like a touch of heat. The lightly salted is a real crowd-pleaser – perfect for adults and children. What’s more; the sea salt & balsamic vinegar and lightly salted are also available as veg crisps! Enjoy a seasoned selection of parsnips, beetroot and sweet potato crisps to add a splash of autumnal colours (and a burst of flavour) to your party table….Available online and from various retailers including Asda, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsburys, Tesco and Waitrose For more information please visit:

There are plenty of dips to choose from too… Holy Moly Dips offer four flavours of ‘ghoulish guacamole’ made using 100% natural ingredients. The team work closely with Mexican farmers to ensure only the finest, hand-picked produce are used. The ‘smashed avocado’ is made using just pure avocado – perfect for introducing younger guests to guacamole. Adults will love the ‘spicy’ – a fierce and fiery option with chunks of fresh jalapeno chilli – whilst traditionalists will enjoy the ‘original’ with chunks of fresh tomato, just a hint of chilli, garlic, lime and coriander. Available online and from various retailers including Amazon Fresh, Farmdrop, Ocado, Sainsburys, Waitrose and Wholefoods. For more information please visit:

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If avocados aren’t your thing then check out the range of vibrant vegan veg-based options on offer from Ramona’s – a brand with a mission to bring the magical flavours of the Mediterranean to the wider public’s attention (and tummies). With three flavours of award-winning ‘heavenly hummus’ – there is something to please every trick or treater. Those who like a mild zing can dip into the ‘jalapeno’ whilst the ‘roasted red pepper’ adds a splash of red to a dipping platter. The smooth, creamy classic ‘original’ flavour is ideal for sticklers of tradition (be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more flavours on the way soon). Serve alongside the fabulous falafels for a monstrous mezze. Available online and from Booker and Budgens. For more information please visit:

Have a look at the range of rye bread available from Biona Organic (a super nutritious choice which is high in fibre and a good source of magnesium). With a dark appearance and nutty flavour it is also a delicious way to have a healthy Halloween canape; the cranberry & coconut is great for fruity fans whilst the South Americann-inspired amaranth and quinoa has a lighter, softer texture. The pumpernickel is just the thing if you like rich caramelised flavours. Why not top with a gut-loving spooky sauerkraut or creepy kimchi from Loving Foods? This award-winning British company are passionate about making handmade organic, fermented foods (which are having a bit of a moment due to the fact that they are full of live bacteria that helps you have a healthy gut microbiome). They use locally sourced – where possible – ingredients, refrain from adding artificial flavourings, additives, chemicals, preservatives, colours or stabilisers and, most importantly, follow lengthy fermentation timescales to create real, living foods and drinks. You are spoilt for choice with the flavours available: the ‘turmeric and black pepper kimchi’ is perfectly peppered and ideal for Halloween (dark rye bread and orange of the kimchi make a dramatic impression), or feel the heat with the ‘hot’n’spicy kimchi’ a fiery flavour perfect for fans of Chilli Goupie. Give witches a treat with the earthy beetroot flavours of the purple ‘Ruby Kraut’. The refreshing, zingy flavour works brilliantly with a whole host of foods so get creative and try some spooktacular treats…

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Also take a look at HECK – an independent family owned British company who pride themselves on delivering farmers market quality to the supermarket shelves. Although the Keeble family began with traditional pork sausages – over the years they have branched out to include burgers and a whole host of healthy chicken and plant-based alternatives. They know how to offer ‘veg with an edge’ via their huge range of flavoursome vegan sausages and burgers which tantalise your tastebuds and add a shot of colour to your plate. Thai food fans will love the ‘Sweet Fusion’ flavour with it’s aromatic Thai pesto, sticky rice and sweet potato filling, whilst the ‘Beet Goes On’ is wonderfully earthy due to the beetroot, carrot, horseradish and sunflower seed filling. Add a taste of India to your Halloween table with the ‘Bollywood’ options thanks to the chilli, ginger, cumin and turmeric spiced cauliflower, lentil and seed filling. Really ramp up the garish green factor with the ‘Super Greens’ option – full of nutritious quinoa, kale, spinach and ginger. Don’t be fooled by the name of their latest launch – the ‘Vegan Breakfast Sausage’ – this mushroom, carrot, tomato and herb combo is just as delicious for dinner! These brilliant bangers are perfect for wrapping with Jus-rol vegan puff-pastry and make into sausage rolls (use a variety of flavours to offer a ‘trick’ or a ‘treat). Equally, the burgers can be served whole or rolled into bite-size falafel shaped balls before cooking and served on cocktail sticks for ‘creepy canapes’.

Available online and from various farm shops and retailers including Asda, Amazon Fresh, Co-op, Iceland, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsburys, Tesco and Waitrose. For more information please visit:

Monstrous Mains: Abel & Cole are renowned for revolutionising the world of organic produce and have become, arguably, the most famous fruit and veg box supplier in the country. But they don’t stop there! Each week the talented team of chefs devise a range of outstanding organic recipes for their various meal kit offers. This includes a vegan ‘One Pot Wonder’ recipe box designed to celebrate the stunning seasonal ingredients from their suppliers. Each box includes the ingredients for the recipe (excluding store cupboard staples which are all available to add separately to your order) in the correct amounts – helping to minimise food waste. You will also receive a selection of seasonal fruits and veggies from the farms to enjoy. Each recipe serves 6 – making it the ideal option for a vegan gathering (or batch-cooking for the week throughout the rest of the year). The October recipes will get your tummy rumbling (and trick or treaters rushing home for supper)… think Butternut Squash and Tahini Pilaf, Creamy Coconut and Beetroot Curry and Butternut Squash Baked Beans. Guaranteed the recipe cards will be keepers!

A and C Bubbling Courgette Carrot Lentil Stew with Pesto

Although the recipes are easy to follow (not to mention super scrummy) for those of you who are short on time, take a look at Clive’s Pies – an award-winning producer of handmade gluten-free, organic vegan pies and pastries to simply pop in the oven. The ‘vegetable chilli’ and ‘arabian chickpea’ pies offer a hint of spice on a chilly October evening – whilst the ‘mushroom and leek’ and ‘pea and potato’ options are ideal for those who prefer traditional flavours. Don’t miss their marvellously moist ‘nut roast’ – full to the brim with nutritious nuts, vibrant veggies and seeds – which is great for your guests to share (it was so popular that Waitrose snapped it up too!). With a host of flavours to cater for every taste – why not order a selection and allow your guests to choose? Abel & Cole love encouraging their customers to try different products; taking their taste buds on an adventure with fabulous flavoursome food and delectable drinks. One example is through the VIP vegan pie club which allows you to enjoy a weekly ‘sur-pie’ as you eat your way through the selection (whilst saving a few pennies). There are plenty of other goodies to complete your plant-based party with Abel & Cole offering an extensive range of top quality, organic vegan products… Find out more about the inspiring ethos that underpins the Abel & Cole community in our Brandmance or visit:

They also stock some wonderful fruit juices and smoothies from Pip Organic – just the thing for suitably spooky non-alcoholic punches. Husband and wife team Patrick and Karen O’Flaherty founded their organic company on a small stall in Borough Market (check out our blog feature for a lowdown of our foodie finds). All Pip products are made using gorgeous organic fruits and veggies as every harvest they work closely with expert organic farmers to select the tastiest and most nutritious produce available. With no added sugar, sweeteners or artificial additives their tasty drinks and snacks are loved by kids and parents alike. The brand new ‘strawberry, banana and purple carrot smoothie’ is ideal for wicked witches whilst the refreshing ‘pineapple and mango’ works brilliantly with the vibrant colours of autumn. The ‘cloudy apple’ is marvellously mystical and sure to be a favourite with every trick or treater! Available online and from various farm shops and retailers including Abel & Cole, Amazon Fresh, Farmdrop, Ocado, Waitrose and Wholefoods For more information please visit

Pip oranic

Having nightmares about the perfect pudding? No need to freak out; Freaks of Nature have got your back with a selection of heavenly hot puds and delicious desserts (all gluten-free and vegan). Keep your cool with the ‘double chocolate ganache’ and ‘choc caramel cheesecake’ or batten down the hatches and indulge in the warmer wonders: the ‘cherry bakewell pudding’ is sensational with the Cherry and Almond Goupie whilst our Lemon Meringue Goupie is magnificent when slowly melting on top of the ‘lemon sponge.’ Go for Great British comfort with the ‘sticky toffee’ or go for the rich and indulgent ‘chocolate fudge’. Available online and from various farm shops and retailers including Asda, Morrisons, Ocado, Planet Organic, Sainsburys, Tesco, and Waitrose. For more information please visit:

There are plenty of other ideas for devilish desserts; once you have nailed vegan meringues using aquafaba (chickpea water – either use your own from the can or check out LOVE OGGs), you can go to town with creating spooky shapes (try ghoulish ghosts with chopped licorice features). Also take a look at Fravocado. This inspiring British brand offers three flavours of handmade vegan avocado and coconut ice cream – all designed to be just as delicious (and a little more nutritious) as the luxurious Devonshire ice cream that founder, Becky Osborne, grew up with. Ideal for making ‘spooky sundaes’ (topped with your favourite sweets, sauces and crumbled Goupie) or alongside your favourite plant-based puds…the ‘raw cacao’ is rich and indulgent and works beautifully with a refreshing sprinkle of Mint Goupie. Adults will love the ‘raspberry and basil’ which has a swirl of sweetness that will bring pleasure to sophisticated palates. Go for the ‘original’ for a creamy coconut taste – one for all to enjoy and ideal for serving with a homemade ‘creepy crumble’.

Available online and from various farm shops and retailers including Waitrose and Wholefoods. For more information please visit:

Terrifying Treats – some of your favourite brands are ‘accidentally vegan’ (sweets such as: jelly tots, skittles, starbursts and millions and biscuit brands including: oreos, lotus biscuits, pink wafers and party rings) but always take care to check the label (look out for: Gelatine (E441), milk and milk derivatives (butter, whey and sodium caseinate (E469)), beeswax (E901), Shellac (E904) and Carmine (E120)). Below are some of our tried and tested fangtastic favourites…

Freaks of nature

The Conscious Candy Co. takes the stress out of label checking by offering an extraordinary array of completely vegan candy – from imaginative new creations to much-loved classics. Founder, Laura Scott, created the plant-based pick’n’mix range after struggling to find exciting vegan sweets; making it her mission to discover and deliver cracking cruelty-free candies. The ‘raspberry fizz foam skulls’, ‘gummy bones’, ‘gummy filled brains’, ‘strawberry skulls’ and ‘sour dracula fangs’ are just the thing for Halloween – but with over 60 different (constantly updated) flavours there are plenty of options to explore for the rest of the year. For a fruit fix check out the ‘raspberry ruffles’, ‘blueberry and lingonberry squashes’, ‘fizzy cherries’ and ‘cherry bonbons’ or turn back the clock and enjoy a taste of nostalgia with ‘rhubarb and custard’, ‘sugar bracelets’ and ‘mint imperials.’ With luxury handmade vegan fudge, nougat, lollipops, marshmallows and popcorn you really will feel like a kid in a sweetshop when you receive your beautifully wrapped pink and white paper bags! What is more, The Conscious Candy Co. really cares about sustainability; they use compostable and recyclable packaging and are working towards becoming completely plastic-free.

Available online, for more information please visit:

Not all treats have to be sweets… BEAR offers a range of fruit-based snacks which are ideal for children to help balance out the sugary treats on offer. Each flavour is made without sulphites, concentrates, preservatives, added sugar or salt – literally just pure fruit (so they count as 1 of your 5 a day). The team work directly with farmers to ensure that their fruit is always of the highest quality. It is always picked when in season and baked low’n’slow to lock in the wonderful nutrients. Keep your trick or treaters on their toes by mixing in the yummy fruit yoyos with the super sour flavours. The creepy claws range contain a mix of fruit and veggies (think mango & carrot, apple, pear & pumpkin, strawberry & butternut and blackcurrant & beetroot). The ‘grab and go’ individually wrapped packets with monster designs makes them ideal for Halloween Trick or Treat bags! Use the shapes in packs to make your own monsters – get creative, then gobble them up before they gobble you! Don’t miss the Paws (the raspberry & blueberry is my personal favourite) which are great for decorating Halloween cakes and bakes with freaky animal footsteps.

Available online and from retailers including: ASDA, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsburys, Tesco and Waitrose. For more information please visit:

Trick or treaters will pop with excitement after trying the brand new vegan ‘mini pops’ from gourmet popcorn makers Popcorn Shed. These miniature morsels are the featherweight champion boxer of the popcorn world (around half the size of a regular kernel which are easier to digest). Available in five delicious – all natural – flavours including: sea salt, salt & vinegar, sweet & salt (perfect for fans of Salted Caramel Goupie), white truffle (super luxurious!) and toffee. They also offer a vegan caramel in their signature ‘shed’ – made using a rich butterscotch caramel and coconut oil. Take a look at the recipes on their website for some cracking (sorry!) inspiration (the vegan ‘Toffee Popcorn Caramel Tarts’ are great for guests topped with crumbled Date and Walnut Goupie). Available online and from retailers including: Amazon, Co-op, Harrods, John Lewis Food Hall, Ocado and Selfridges. For more information please visit:

Concious candy

Get your guests to get crunching with the inspiring Indie Bay snacking range… these high fibre protein-packed bites offer a healthier twist on the pretzel (and are oh so moorish!). Made with ancient grains and alternative flours, these wholesome oven baked balls are naturally nutritious but still pack a punch on the flavour front. Available in 5 fabulous flavours including: spelt & rock salt, quinoa & black pepper (a fellow Great Taste Award winner), sunflower & superseeds, spelt & easy cheesy (these will be a real hit with children!) and spelt & smokin BBQ. What’s more, this family orientated, London company is committed to doing its bit for good causes, with donations from every bag sold being made directly to schools to support healthy eating education initiatives. The vibrant packaging means they are perfect when placed in a trick or treater’s cauldron – or use them to add the extra ‘wow’ factor to your monstrous menu (the sunflower & superseeds adds a bit of a crunch to a ‘spooky sundae’ whilst the spelt & smokin BBQ totally transforms a bowl of hummus)…Available in 26g and 100g pack sizes online, from hundreds of independent retailers and supermarkets across the UK including: Sainsbury’s Local Stores, Ocado, Planet Organic and Wholefoods. For more information please visit:

Trick or treaters will go bananas for the brand new goodies released from MightyBee –four brand new flavours of Bananito bars. For those who have yet to try these brilliant bars, they are made using whole solar-dried bananas (a super sustainable production method that relies on ginormous Parabola domes that gently dry the bananas naturally – without electricity) and some sensational whole food ingredients (making them completely vegan and gluten-free, as well as 1 of your 5 a day). The ‘cashew cookie’ is nutty and nutritious whilst fans of Sesame Goupie will adore the ‘peanut crunch’ (with peanuts and sesame seeds). If you like a hint of warming spice, go for the ‘banoffee’ (think banana, coconut, cashews and a subtle hint of cinnamon) or go nuts for the ‘coconut’ flavour (a touch tropical and utterly addictive). They also have two chocolate dipped flavours (perfect for Hazelnut Goupie fans) in the form of ‘dark chocolate’ and ‘dark chocolate and almond crush’. The only trick here is how tasty these banana bites are…Available online and in Ocado, Sainsburys and Wholefoods.For more information please visit

Bear 3

For a whole host of ethical vegan goodies – check out Ananda Foods who offer a sensational selection of spooky treats lovingly hand-crafted in Derbyshire. If you like wagon wheels then you will LOVE their ‘Round Ups’ (chocolate biscuits sandwiched with marshmallow and a hidden flavoured centre). Available in fruity strawberry, zesty orange, refreshing mint and sweet salted caramel or a limited edition ‘Once Bitten Forever Smitten’ tangy blackberry jam. As well as these rocking rounds they also have a huge range of marvellous marshmallows including a ‘totally toastable’ option designed to be molten and gooey on a chilly Autumn evening (we think it would be scarily scummy with a melted Goupie hot chocolate). Don’t miss the fun and fruity flavours including a sweet and soft strawberry and chewy caramel – or why not try scattering the mini raspberry, caramel and vanilla flavours on top of your homemade Halloween creations… Available online and from farm shops, independent shops and retailers and including: Selfridges and Wholefoods. For more information please visit:

For something a little different take a look at Little Moons mochi. Siblings Vivien and Howard launched the company in 2010 aiming to bring a modern reinvention of the delicious delicacy of their childhood to the masses, replicating the happiness they felt devouring the treats in their parent’s authentic Asian bakery. Extensive research with top chefs and suppliers went into perfecting the recipes for the little bites of steamed and pounded rice flour dough (to give it its distinctive soft and chewy texture) wrapped around balls of ice cream. There are currently two vegan flavours which are sure to go down and treat with your guests…any Goupie fan will simply adore the luxuriously rich Belgian Chocolate Mochi with it’s smooth and creamy ice cream (like our Date & Walnut and Salted Sticky Toffee it also has the seal of approval from the esteemed judges at the Great Taste Awards). For a taste of the tropics on a drizzly October evening, why not try the Tropical Passionfruit and Mango Mochi. It is the perfect balance of refreshing sweetness (thanks to the coveted Indian Alphonso mango) with just a touch of tartness (from the tang of perfectly ripe passionfruit). Keep your eyes peeled for more plant-based flavours on the way soon.

Available online and from Amazon Fresh, Ocado, Waitrose and Wholefoods. For more information please visit:

To finish off take a look at Mummy Meagz – a family run business that makes magnificently moorish vegan goodies. Founder Meagan, alongside her daughter Willow, are ardent animal lovers dedicated to transforming traditional treats into vegan (and gluten-free!) versions. At present they offer a range of rocking rocky roads in bold, colourful packaging that would brighten any trick or treater’s day… try the ‘original’ for pure chocolatey goodness or, if you are a fan of Orange Goupie, give the tantalising tang of the ‘orange’ a go (it even has hidden mallows!). Love a mint choc chip? Then the refreshing ‘mint’ flavour is the one for you… or go the whole shebang and have the ‘Cornish’ – an indulgent twist on the crunchie bar with honeycomb and a sprinkle of sea salt (pure heaven for fans of Salted Caramel Goupie). Not only are these perfect to hand out as ‘treats’, they are also great for decorating ‘creepy cupcakes’, ‘spooky sundaes’ or serving with a ‘haunting hot chocolate’. Enjoy! Available online and instore across the UK and Europe, alongside wholefood stores, egan shops and Amazon, Food for Thought, The Vegan Kind and Wholefoods Market UK. For more information please visit: