The Vegan Kind – Featured Retailer November 2017

This month’s featured retailer is slightly different from the vast majority of our stockists, and so we’re extremely excited to tell you all about them!

To start with the basics: this month’s retailer is not a physical store. The Vegan Kind operate primarily through their online web shop where, as the name suggests, one can find a vast variety of plant-based products. They also provide a subscription-based service, dishing out yummy vegan treats each month to their over 3,500 subscribers!

The Vegan Kind was founded in 2013 by Karris McCulloch and has grown substantially since then, into the most popular vegan subscription service in the UK. Their Lifestyle subscription boxes are also shipped internationally, as well as to a number of high profile vegan celebrities including Made In Chelsea’s, Lucy Watson.


As if all of this wasn’t achievement enough, The Vegan Kind also boast a whopping 84,000 followers on their Instagram account and over 72,000 subscribers to their Facebook page. It goes without saying that this means that they are incredibly influential in the vegan community, spreading the word about vegan options that are available in the UK through their blog and various social media pages.

Goupie has been fortunate enough to be included in a number of their wonderful boxes; most recently featuring in June’s Lifestyle Box and their ‘Vegan Experience’ Box with our Salted Sticky Toffee Goupie Minis. You can now also find our full range of Goupie Minis in their online Supermarket! It truly can be described as a supermarket. You can find all sorts of wonderful products including: plant-based meats, cheeses and baby food, right through to household cleaning and beauty products. There’s even an entire section for pet food, meaning that you really can do your entire weekly shop through their website.

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Whilst you’re shopping, why not plan your meals? The Vegan Kind have a growing list of delicious recipes to inspire you. Truly a one-stop shop for all things plant-based! We fully admire the work that the Vegan Kind are doing; to both educate and facilitate people into the vegan lifestyle. Keep up the good work, we hope to see you grow more and more in the years to come!

Find out more about the Vegan Kind on their website..