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Top 3 Goupie-Drinks Pairings!Goupie Top Three...Top 3 Goupie-Drinks Pairings!

For years, we've been pairing our Goupie flavours with various drinks and collating them in our Brand Bible for a rainy day. Well, it's not raining, but we think it's about time we shared this valuable knowledge with our Groupies!

Top 3 Packed Lunch Box PicksGoupie Top Three...Top 3 Packed Lunch Box Picks

When it comes to packed lunches, you’re either for them, or against them. The first week of school is looming and you’re probably feeling a bit fatigued on how to make them interesting? Don't stress. Here are 3 easy picks to pop into those boxes to keep hungry tummies satisfied from Emma Oldham.

The Ultimate Guide to a Vegan Afternoon TeaGoupie Top Three...The Ultimate Guide to a Vegan Afternoon Tea

There is nothing that quite compares to a proper afternoon tea, and what with Afternoon Tea week coming up, what better time to give you the run-down on the best vegan afternoon tea treats? Here's Sophie Richmond's guide to the ultimate vegan afternoon tea!

Top 3 Vegan Picnic PicksGoupie Top Three...Top 3 Vegan Picnic Picks

To celebrate National Picnic Month, Sophie Richmond has cultivated her top three picks for a vegan picnic on our behalf. Go on, give it a read, we're positive it'll leave you desperate to pack your own hamper and head straight to the nearest park!

Top 3 Recycling Schemes To Help Reduce WasteReduce Reuse RecycleTop 3 Recycling Schemes To Help Reduce Waste

We put a lot of faith in our recycle bins. We spend time rinsing out and collecting recyclables, but where does it actually end up? Sadly, only 9% of the world’s recyclable plastics actually end up being recycled. The remaining plastics end up either dumped into the ocean, illegally incinerated (which produces highly toxic fumes), or stuffed into poorly maintained landfills. There just isn’t enough resources or money to meet recycling demands while plastic consumption is at an unstoppable amount.

However…don’t stress too much. There are still some great companies working hard to help us recycle our waste. And the more we utilise them, the stronger demand we create for recycling initiatives. Emma Oldham's explored a few...

Top 3 Ways To Reduce Plastics On-The-GoReduce Reuse RecycleTop 3 Ways To Reduce Plastics On-The-Go

Emma Oldham gives us her top three ways to reduce your use of plastics on the go.

Top 3 Online Vegan StoresGoupie Top Three...Top 3 Online Vegan Stores

So Veganuary may almost be over, but that doesn't mean you need to stop eating those delicious treats you've tried this month. Why not look at reducing your regular output? You can use these online stores to help stem those cravings!

Top 3 Vegan LuxuriesGoupie Top Three...Top 3 Vegan Luxuries

Eating vegan doesn't mean you can't eat naughty once in a while! There are plenty of vegan luxuries out there for you to get your hands's our top three. We think they taste just as good as the alternatives, and don't have a ridiculous price tag attached!

Top 3 Vegan Chocolate-Based GoodiesGoupie Top Three...Top 3 Vegan Chocolate-Based Goodies

There's one thing that we, here at Goupie, really couldn't be without...chocolate. That's why we felt it was imperative to give you our top tips for eating chocolate this Veganuary. Don't worry, we managed to resist putting ourselves in there!

Top 3 Vegan Baking SwapsGoupie Top Three...Top 3 Vegan Baking Swaps

For those of you giving Veganuary a go this year, or even for those of you who just want to try a little bit of vegan baking, we've got you covered! Here are our top three baking swaps to get you through...

Top 3 Self-Made Hamper InclusionsGoupie Top Three...Top 3 Self-Made Hamper Inclusions

There is nothing more thoughtful than a home made Christmas present and at this time of year as the winter draws in, there’s nothing more welcome than yummy edible gifts. Here are Vougestagram's top three picks for the perfect self-made Christmas food hamper:

Vouge_Stagram's Top 3 London Fashion SpotsGoupie Top Three...Vouge_Stagram's Top 3 London Fashion Spots

This month, we teamed up with Vouge_Stagram and asked them to give us their top three fashion locations in London. So here you are you lucky ducks!