Top 3 Easter Card Crafts

1. Easter Pegs

Inherently useless, but utterly fun, these pegs are easy to make and amusing for at least 15 minutes after construction (24 hours if you're easily amused like us...).

All you need to make your Easter pegs is an old Easter Egg box (or any other card), scissors, glue and a wooden peg.

We've made eggs hatching chicks and bunnies coming out of their warrens - but we're sure there's plenty more fun to be had!

How to Make:

1. Draw an egg shape on the purple side of your Goupie Easter Egg box.

2. Cut this out, and then draw a zig-zag line in the middle of your egg, and cut this too.

3. Draw a thumb shape on the card and cut out. this will be your chick.

4. You can now decorate your egg and chick.

5. Glue the chick to the bottom portion of the egg (behind your design) and glue this to the bottom side of your peg.

6. Glue the top potion of the egg to the upper part of the peg, making sure that it covers the chick.

Easter Peg

2. Upcycled Picture Frame

Again, this craft is easy as pie to make, but very effective!

All you need for your picture frame is the inside of your Easter Egg box, a picture of your favourite person and some glue. You can also use felt-tip pens to decorate if you're fancy...

How to Make:

1. Use your Easter Egg insert to frame a photo of your favourite person.

2. Cut the edges of the photo so that it fits nicely within the folds of the insert.

3. Now's the time to decorate the outside of your frame, if you're feeling artsy!

4. Glue the photo to the inside of the frame. Then glue the top three folds to the photo, to hold it in place.

5. Once dry, you can stand your photo up!

Goupie Tip: We used the an additional piece of card from our Easter Egg box, glued on top of the photo, to give it extra stability!

Goupie Photo Frame

3. Easter Egg Hanging Decorations

Again, a very easy craft, but quite effective!

All you need is the Easter Egg box, scissors, glue and a small piece of string. If you made any of our Christmas decorations, this'll be a piece of cake!

How to Make:

1. Use the insert holding your Goupie egg to draw 5 eggs across the flatpack of your Goupie box.

2. Cut out these 5 eggs and fold in half - using the side of the card you want shown in your decoration as the inside of the fold.

3. Glue each half to each other. Before you glue the last two halves together, glue a piece of string folded in two inside to make a loop.

4. Seal the egg and there you have your very own Easter egg decoration! You could also decorate these yourselves with felt-tip pens for an ultra-jazzy decoration...

Egg Decoration