Top 3 Self-Made Hamper Inclusions

1. Batch of Florentines - this Christmassy biscuit is a must have in any Christmas hamper. The basic recipe can be adapted to suit your own taste and what you have in the pantry! Chewy and chocolatey, these biscuits make a luxurious addition to any Christmas hamper. It is the perfect home made Christmas gift.


2. Spiced jam - if you have a glut of berries from the garden still in the freezer or otherwise buy anything from strawberries, blueberries, blackberries or raspberries or a mix of all of these and create a jam with the Christmassy addition of a generous helping of cinnamon. This spice complements all of these different berries and really makes for a special and indulgent Christmas treat.


3. Ginger bread snowmen decorations - Ginger bread is robust enough to create some festive gingerbread biscuits to hang from the Christmas tree. Making snowmen instead of the typical gingerbread man shape also adds to a Christmas twist to this classic biscuit.

This piece was written for Goupie by Vougstagram.