Top 3 Vegan Baking Swaps

1. Aquafaba - Egg Swap

Don't be put off by the name, this isn't some fancypants specialist product that you'll have to go to 5 stores before you can find it, paying £10 for the pleasure. Aquafaba is the name used to describe the water left over after cooking chickpeas in it. This can be found easily and cheaply by buying a can of chickpeas (or other legume).

All you need to do, is save the water when draining your chickpeas and this can be swapped in for eggs in your bakes. It is especially useful for egg white heavy recipes, such as meringues. You can whip aquafaba in the same way you would egg whites to form a thick, white texture, perfect for piping.

Chickpeas Draining

2. Margarine - Butter Swap

Our next baking hack is just as simple and cheap as our first, and just as readily available. Margarine uses vegetable oils in place of dairy fats. This is usually a mix, including palm oil. If you are concerned about palm oil, please do check whether your chosen brand is RSPO certified (you can read more about RSPO palm oil here). Stork, one of the most commonly found brands of margarine, uses RSPO certified palm oil in their products, for example.

We find that your bakes taste just as good when using margarine, and have actually come to prefer it. We think that it makes your bakes taste lighter, and less oily, but we'll let you make your own minds up! Either way, for around 50p per block, you may as well give it a try...

Stork Margarine

3. Coconut Milk - Cream Swap

Again, we've kept option three cheap and easy to find. When kept in the fridge, coconut milk separates into the thick cream (on top) and coconut water (on bottom). You can use the cream in place of whipped cream in bakes. This does have a slight taste implication, and so if you don't like coconut, we recommend using either Oatly single cream, or Schlagfix Schlagcreme. However, as these are slightly more specialist products, they do come with a price implication.

We find that using a high percentage of coconut (to water) gives us a thicket cream. You can check this in the ingredients on the tin.

Coconut Milk

There you have it! Three perfectly easy swaps to make your vegan baking experiments a whole lot easier <3