Top 3 Vegan Chocolate-Based Goodies

1. Pain Au Chocolat from Jus Rol

These DIY pastries are a wonderful creation. Not only are they compact and fun, but they're delicious and completely vegan friendly! They're certainly the ones for us, but Jus Rol also make simple croissants and cinnamon swirls which are suitable for vegans. As well as their usual puff and short crust pastry offerings for some easy pie bases or savoury pastry nibbles..

Jus Rol

2. Cocoa and Hazelnut Spread by Nature's Store

Simply put, chocolate spread. Who doesn't love chocolate spread? Frankly, we don't see much need to spread it on anything, it seems to taste quite good all by itself! Nature's Store definitely does the best we've tasted, I doubt even the biggest vegan cynic could distinguish between theirs and Nutella. Definitely worth a try!

Natures Choice Spread

3. Chocolate Digestives by Tesco

If you come away with one thing from Love Actually, it's that chocolate biscuits are ALWAYS preferable to non-chocolate biscuits. Just us? Well, if you're attempting Veganuary and thought that you'd have to forgo your usual chocolate digestive for a soggy rich tea, think again! Tesco's own brand Plain Chocolate Digestives are vegan friendly and just as delicious as McVites! You could also grab yourself a Bourbon...biscuit we mean.

Chocolate Digestives