Top 3 Vegan Luxuries

1. Schlagfix Shlagcreme - Squirty Cream

We've tried a few of the other squirty cream options available, and they really didn't cut the mustard. Then we found this, and we think it tastes just as good as your run of the mill squirty cream! Perfect for hot chocolates with some Freedom Mallows on top - yum!


2. Jeavon's Toffee - Any Product

This Christmas, we were lucky enough to be introduced to Jeavon's Toffees. When we went to buy some, only one product was left in stock on the website, so you know it must be good! Hand-made in Brighton, we do feel a certain affinity to this brand, but they really followed through on the taste. Their assorted box was the perfect alternative to a Quality Street box, and their year round bars are just the ticket for a naughty snack!

Jeavons Toffee

3. Co-op Custard Donuts

The Co-op may have some way to go in their vegan selections, but their donuts are certainly an excellent starting point! Of course, they also stock Goupie in Kent stores so they're definitely moving in the right direction...So you probably shouldn't have a donut for breakfast EVERY morning, but these are definitely a great option for that weekend luxury brekkie <3

Coop Donuts