Totally Natural, Totally Delicious

With many of you struggling with your new year’s resolutions already, you’ll be happy to hear that being healthy no longer means being boring if you’re yet to discover Pip & Nut!

The person responsible for answering your prayers is Pip Murray, an accomplished entrepreneur and fitness fanatic who set out with a simple goal; to produce super tasty butters, packed with nutrients and energy, that are free from refined sugars and palm oil. Five years on from honing her recipes, and trailing different flavours at Maltby Market in London, it’s safe to say she has taken the market by storm. Pip & Nut now have more than 4,000 stockists around the UK including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, ASDA and Ocado to name a few.

The foundation of this business was built on the basis that healthy food should NEVER be boring, and Pip & Nut may be the perfect solution for your ambitious new year’s resolutions. Huge ambitions set to become one of the nation’s favourite health food brands do not seem too far off, in 2016 they saw growth of over 400%, which aspiringly they are looking to double in 2018!

The unparalleled success of Pip & Nut so far has come as no surprise to many. Sheer determination, ambition and even sacrificing her home to launch her venture onto the high street all contribute to why many follow the journey and have fallen in love with the brand. After winning a competition run by Escape the City, she quit her prestigious job to live what she was about to call home for the next 3 months; a shed located in the company’s garden. Labelled as ‘crazy’ by many, her intentions were clear, she wanted to eliminate her expenses and give her business more time and some deserved tender loving care.

It’s often difficult to say that you can often fully understand and recognise the ingredients that are added to most of the products that you consume every day, surely that shouldn’t be the case, right? Pip & Nut along with us here at Goupie feel the same, We only put ingredients in our products that you can pronounce and recognise, no e-numbers, no preservatives, no additives.” Using ‘real food’ along with embracing the good fats are all together what pushes the consumer to lead a healthier lifestyle and stay active. Ultimately Pip & Nut, endeavour to inspire and surprise the consumer.

The delicious healthy products on offer are not the only thing we love about the brand; the playful nature and funky marketing efforts are what makes us ‘nuts’ along with over 80,000 followers on Instagram about them.

The sheer versatility of what is far from your average ‘nut spread’ makes it appeal to mass consumer audiences, the products revolutionise your boring meals into a tantalisingly tasty meal. The spread can be added to; porridge, smoothies, lunch and breakfast, toast, crumpets, cheesecakes, and even cocktails!

Their ever-expanding product range will make it hard for you to just browse, whether you’re looking for a solution to spice up your breakfast, or a tasty natural almond drink you’ll find your perfect solution here, visit their shop to find out more;

So, if you’ve resisted taking a sneaky peak at the Pip & Nut website before finishing this post then congratulations! But…if you’re anything like us then you are constantly on the lookout for new delicious recipes, and using Pip & Nut butters is about to take your love for cooking to a whole new level! To start you off why don’t you look at our recent salted sticky toffee recipes for some inspiration where we add some tasty almond butter!

Happy munching!