Corporate Gifting

What is corporate gifting?

Corporate gifting involves providing gifts to employees, customers, colleagues and other stakeholders as a way to build relationships and show appreciation for their services. This could come in many forms, physical and non-physical, edible and non-edible!

Why is corporate gifting important?

Sending a gift to your employees or customers is a great way to develop strengthened relationships and acknowledge their hard-work or benefit to your business. Putting the time into finding a truly interesting and exciting gift can be the difference between a good relationship and a great relationship! Sending employees a gift at Christmas or offering clients something more than a pen at your next event shows that you care and can help you stand out from the crowd.

What corporate gifting options does Goupie offer?

At Goupie, we have a wide range of corporate gifting options at all sorts of price points. You can start from as little as £10pp with a simple gift-card delivered direct to their inbox, all the way up to creating a bespoke hamper delivered to their door. Everything we make is vegan, gluten-free and sustainably made so you can please and cater for as many different people as possible with just the one gift. We also hand-make all of our products in Kent, UK making us a local and quality gifting option.

We even offer discounts depending on the size of your order, and are happy to chat through all of our options at any time. Just email [email protected] to find out more.